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Many times we want to learn to program, for which we need to develop algorithms , but we do not know how. Today we bring different programs to make algorithms , and thus carry out this work without difficulty and be able to create, generate and convert algorithms without major problems. If you have some basic notions of the programming language, it will greatly facilitate your work by making it faster and more efficient.

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Programs to make algorithms

In the online market there are many  programs to create algorithms , but if you do not have specific information, it is difficult to decide on a specific one. Many offer you this or another tool that makes it easy to use. Others are free to use, while most are paid. Which is better? Is the question. We want to avoid these annoying problems, so in this article we leave you a list of the 4 best programs to make algorithms .

4. Raptor

Are you learning to program? Raptor is a software for the Microsoft Windows platform, very efficient and easy to use. Raptor solves flowcharts in a didactic and very visual way, making the way of programming much easier.

Learning to program is not an easy thing, and many times it is necessary to have a visual guide, since assimilating a large amount of code can confuse us at first. How Raptor works is simple: Variable names and function names are inserted through an input and output process. Anyway, this is a fairly basic program, whose most outstanding function is to make the user understand the basic structure of the flowcharts .

To download  Raptor  computer, enter this link .

3. Visustin

It is a program capable of generating flowcharts for software developers, but it is only available for Windows. It is currently very popular in countries such as Mexico and Colombia, as it has turned out to be quite useful in its task, and it is in Spanish. And also, it is an application that requires less space than any other designed for the same purpose.

Visustin is able to automatically convert source codes into flowcharts , ensuring optimal visual results. It also allows you to draw the flowcharts from scratch with the simple help of your mouse. It saves the graphics in the form of a high-quality PDF, and the diagrams are saved in JPG and PNG formats.

And let’s not forget to mention that you can download it quickly, easily and for free at this link .

2. DFD

DFD , which stands for ” Data Flow Diagram “, is a useful flowchart editor . It helps us to graphically shape numerous algorithms. DFD has a toolbar in which the process, the warehouse, the external entity and the data flow are listed. All of these necessary for a simple diagram construction.

Something that is necessary to take into account for the construction of a good data flow diagram is that it must have a beginning and an end, the lines of the flow direction must be straight, vertical, horizontal as well as they must be connected. All these possibilities are given to you by DFD , which corroborates its usefulness.

DFD is a widely used program nowadays, thanks to its easy handling in the creation of various algorithms. You can download it at this link .

1. PSeInt

PSeInt,  which is short for ” P Pseudo Interpreter “, is a very useful tool, mainly used to assist students. Those who are taking their first steps in building algorithm programs and in programming. One of its most notable features is that it can be used with a simple  pseudo-language  in Spanish.

Many times when working with the programming language we encounter numerous difficulties, but these are not a problem when working with  PSeInt . Since this program is used as a first contact to introduce the use of concepts such as control structures and others. Despite this, it also provides many options for experienced programmers.

Compared to other programs,  PSeInt  offers various tools for  creating algorithms  with  pseudocode  in Spanish. It has auto completion, command sheets, syntax coloring, etc. PSeInt  also allows the simultaneous creation of multiple algorithms. It determines and marks the errors and has numerous attributes, among which it is worth highlighting its free and free use.

You can download it quickly and easily by  clicking here .

The best program to create algorithms …

The programs for algorithms in programming, are currently very useful in the field of information technology . They have many tools whose purpose is to make your life easier while you run the programmer tasks. Thanks to programs like PSeInt, using a programming pseudo -language is easier, since it has multiple tools whose use is intuitive and not complex at all. In conclusion, the best program to make algorithms is PSeInt .

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