Best 4 programs to do free rotating shifts

The programs to do free rotating shifts tend to make the process of managing the hours of the workers of a company more viable. In those companies where you work with a limited staff, the most viable is the use of conventional organizational methods. However, in consolidated companies or in very large companies, it is essential to search for methods that help save time and effort.

This is where the programs for free rotating shifts are very useful. Thus, knowing which of all those that exist must be chosen, these can become a great tool that guarantees discipline, order and efficiency. In this article we will show you what we believe are the 4 best programs for rotating shifts .

There are jobs that are quite flexible and can benefit from different tools to carry out their management. However, there are other jobs where the application of rotating work shifts is required . For those in charge of the administration and / or human resources departments, keeping track of the schedule and the implementation of rotating schedules is a somewhat complicated process that has to meet a variety of requirements.

  • The number of workers must always coincide in each position and shift.
  • 12-hour periods must be respected between the beginning and the end of a work shift.
  • The schedule must be published with the necessary time frame, for the knowledge of the workers.
  • In the event that the working day exceeds 6 hours, a rest time will be awarded to the worker.
  • Unless voluntarily, no worker may be assigned the night shift for more than two consecutive weeks.

With so many requirements to be met, managing to set rotating schedules can be a bit of a chore. But you should not worry, today we have got you 4 programs to do free rotating shifts which we are sure will make your task much easier.

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  • The best 4 programs to do free rotating shifts
    • Stunned
    • Tempusbasic
    • Just exw
    • GesTurn

The best 4 programs to do free rotating shifts

Here we show you the 4 best programs to do free rotating shifts :


Aturnos is a totally free portal that is highly recommended. This allows you to create work shifts online , in a simple and complete way. It is very easy to use and does not require any installation, since it is explained on the same template. You just have to follow the steps indicated by the portal and fill in the spaces with the company data. Similarly, it also generates quadrants automatically.


The Tempusbasic is a free program through which it organizes and draws up work shifts, whether or not these rotary also can generate employment quadrants. It comes with a free version that has no time limit and with many functionalities. However, the paid version is much more complete. It is a very easy and flexible program to use. It is the most suitable for those companies that have shift rotation systems .

Just exw

For those who carry on traditions, prefer to do it manually, or are wary of programs, there is Just Exw . It is a website full of spreadsheets that are very useful for organizing work shifts in Excel, achieving through it to be able to cover all the options and not get any variable out of place. The user only has to make and balance the rotating work shifts .


The GesTurn is a program that has various features large configuration possibilities. It comes with a free trial version , which when it expires asks you to pay it a payment to obtain the license. As you can see it is not a free program, but this is a worthwhile and affordable expense. Its cost covers the validity for program updates and technical service, without having to make monthly and / or annual payments.

If you have decided to create rotating shifts in your company, you have the possibility of being able to use any of these programs to do rotating shifts for free . We hope that the present information will be very useful to you.

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