How to remove the write protection from an SD memory card?

The type of “siege or lock”, which is called ” write protection ” is very useful for professional photographers, who use a lot of memory cards, because, humanly, we tend to make mistakes that will hinder hard work.

And the risk of errors between multiple cards is very high. It is interesting that the cards have the acronym SD , which in English would be ( Secure Digital ) digital security .

As already mentioned, these cards are present in all portable devices , such as: digital cameras (photos and videos), laptops (laptops and tablets), video consoles.

Steps to remove “Write Protection” from an SD card

You need to know the following steps to remove the protection from writing to an SD card. HANDS AT WORK.

Step 1: Remove the memory card from the digital camera

It should be noted that both the position and the procedure applied for such deletion may vary; that is, it will depend on two factors:

  1. Model
  2. The brand of the camera

We strongly recommend that you consult this manufacturer’s manual, especially if you are using the digital camera for the first time.

Step 2: Locate the card slot in the camera

To do this, you need to find a small board. In many cases, it is located on the edge of the camera. In newer models, this slot is almost imperceptible to the naked eye, so if it is not found immediately, it is advisable to read the manual of the device.

Step 3: Slide the DS slot card into the camera

This procedure is performed by sliding the switch or SD slot lock on the camera upwards . So let’s get the card.

Step 4: Insert the SD card into a computer or insert into the camera

While we are there, we need to check if we need to unlock the write protection or, if not, have the protection removed; How do we know? If when you delete an image, it disappears from the group of images.

When working with all of this, it is essential to know the type of SD cards we may encounter at some point, as well as its wide range on the market:

Type of SD memory cards for cameras and other artifacts

Let’s take into account the fact that the ” SD memory” has four types of cards:

  1. the SDSC
  2. the SDHC
  3. the SDXC

And the size of the cards:

  • SD or original standard
  • Mini SD
  • Micro SD

It should be noted that the size of the micro SD is widely used in tablet and mobile phones. There are, in fact, special adapters, in which these microphones can be used, in larger ports.

Interestingly, those devices with SD slots might use thinner MMC cards , but vice versa no, SD cards don’t fit into the MMC slot.

Similarly with a USB card reader it could be used in Compact flash or PC card slots . And another fact is that you can similarly use miniSD and microSD cards in SD slots, with an adapter.


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