Suits without a tie: when, how and why

Have you ever wondered if it is appropriate to wear a suit without a tie? There are times when you want to look a little more relaxed and stylish, there are several aspects to consider to do it properly. he tie has lost its power in the men’s wardrobe and more and more are fleeing. This is the question you should ask yourself before choosing your outfit. Why? There is a time and there is a place for everything … even the different ways a man can dress.Imagine that you have an excellent qualification in your master’s degree, excellent letters of recommendation and there is a vacancy in a highly respected law firm. Would you NOT wear a tie with your suit for the interview?.


Think carefully about the occasion (you definitely shouldn’t go without a tie if it’s a meeting with high-profile shareholders, investors, or customers). So consider the company culture. Consider your professional image.

If you are a doctor, lawyer or banker in a big city … it is almost taboo to abandon your tie for work.

Certain places also require a suit and tie to match their aesthetic. Research the place you are going to attend, elegant restaurants or theaters for example, will require dressing in a suit and tie.


Here it is where it gets interesting. Think of events like cocktails, an art gallery opening day, and an outdoor wedding. These are suitable occasions when you can break the rules … in style.

Certain jobs (those where you are sitting behind a desk without facing customers) also allow for a knotless outfit. Warm weather generally makes it more palatable. But despite everything, the real challenge is to make this outfit not look sloppy.


One thing to keep in mind is that you might seem lazy because the outfit seems incomplete. Especially if you have a formal shirt and suit or jacket.That is why you should choose a lighter color for the shirt (forget the navy blue and charcoal gray). The goal is to make the jacket stand out more and make the absence of a tie less obvious.

Some good options for dress shirt fabric are the classic buttoned Oxford blazers, made of denim, chambray, or patterned fabric. The more contrast it has with the jacket (as in complementary colors) the better the result will be.


Adjustment becomes even more important in this case. If you show everyone how amazing your body looks, and they wonder if it’s a special suit that doesn’t go with a tie, then you’ve passed the test.

There is no better way to accomplish this than to find a good tailor. The right tailor will discover the right fit for your suit: width, sleeves, and shoulders.

It will ensure that the waistband of the pants is correct and that the legs do not crowd over the shoes.

Please note that there is a difference between suits and sports blazers / coats. A suit includes both a jacket and pants (made of the same fabric). You can wear a custom made blazer or sports coat and wear it without a tie. But the same suggestion about fit applies.

Some important points when you put on your unbuttoned shirt:

Keep the T-shirt hidden: The T-shirt   is supposed to isolate you, wick away moisture, and help smooth your torso … but you shouldn’t see a T-shirt under your dress shirt. So go for a V-neck type instead of a round neck.

Avoid showing chest hair:   For men with chest hair, it is advisable to trim it when it starts to get thick or out of control (no need to shave completely). You should maintain a clean and polished appearance, even when your cleavage is exposed.


The tie is the accessory that attracts the most attention, it is the first point where people look, if you are not going to wear a tie, the rest of the accessories become more important. We recommend using a scarf or a watch to balance the lack of a tie.

How to wear a suit without a tie?

Ties are not dead or will cease to exist, it is a fundamental accessory for any man’s look but that does not mean that the suit without a tie is meaningless. If you want to give a little twist to your look, take into account the following tips.

  1. Consider the occasion

eye! You might love the idea of ​​not wearing a tie, but that doesn’t mean it’s always applicable. Yes, lately we have seen a tendency to let the protagonist of the outfit be the jacket but be very careful, if you are going to attend a formal event or if you have a very important meeting, stick to the basics!


If you are going to see the CEO of your company, forgetting the tie is not a great ideal. Now, it is worth wearing a suit without a tie in the office or for some events. It is only a matter of identifying how others will be dressed and how elegant it will be.

  1. The color of the shirt and the suit: very important

Done, you decided to leave the tie in the closet, now what? You have to look at the color of your suit and shirt. If you can, use a tone. For example, navy suit and blue shirt. You can also combine two neutral colors, gray and blue or black and white.

Another option to avoid losing formality is to pay close attention to the shirt. Choose to wear a plain jacket and a shirt with some kind of print. Checkered shirts are worth it. If your work allows it and you are very risky, you can also wear suits with some kind of visual game. Several firms have leaned towards checkered suits. Just be careful, if the fit is not right or the colors are too exotic, you are going to look like a mix between the Inspector Gadget and a pachuco.

  1. The fit of the neck and jacket

Don’t forget: if you are not going to wear a tie, the shirt and jacket have to “hug” your neck. The shirt must be perfectly ironed and the jacket must be adjusted correctly to the body. If you ignore this indication, it will seem that you came to work after escaping from the Torito. Please no.

  1. Just one button unbuttoned, no more!

The little way of showing chest hair, or the lack thereof, should never have existed. Fortunately it has remained in the past. Never, under any circumstances, wear more than one button unbuttoned. It didn’t look good and it will never look good.

  1. Replace the tie with another accessory

If you are afraid of taking risks you can do the following: instead of letting the whole step of your look fall only on two pieces, add an accessory. You can choose a sweater or a scarf.

The collar of the sweater will help give your look a plus and probably nobody will notice the lack of a tie. On the other hand, a scarf does almost the same thing as a tie. Of course, if it is summer, you can not use this type of accessories.

What accessories never to use? Fedora hats. Never.

  1. The importance of footwear

This point is divided into two parts, it all depends if you want to keep the formality or if you want to bet on the casual outfit.

FORMAL: Shoes are very important. Do not wear loafers or ankle boots, opt for the classic shoes that team with the suit.

CASUAL:Take a risk! All shoes are worth. Loafers, loafers, ankle boots or any other option that catches your attention. (It’s clear that you don’t tennis, right

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