How to wash a baseball cap with detergent?

Washing the baseball cap will keep it cool and make it last longer. This is easy to do using just a little mild detergent and a cloth. Some caps can even be washed in the dishwasher. With a few tips you can choose the best method to keep your cap clean.

The first thing you have to do is check the material the cap is made of, so you can know if you can wash it by hand or in the washing machine. But it is highly recommended to wash it by hand for the ease it gives you, otherwise you will have to clean it in a washing machine with an extra accessory (a cotton mesh, for example).

What do you need to wash the cap?

  • Any kind of detergent
  • A brush
  • A jug to pour the water

Steps for cleaning

The first thing you have to do is remove the dust (if you have one), then use the pitcher to pour water on the cap. Once wet, grab the brush and add the detergent of your choice (liquid, powder or shampoo) and start washing all parts of the cap.

Carefully rub the most sensitive parts of the cap, thus saving yourself from damaging any of them. After this, you refill the jug with water and begin to remove the detergent used until there is no residue left, otherwise the cap could fade or have a shadow in the original color due to the detergent.

After completing this step, you begin to dry the cap. This process can be done with a hair dryer (do not put the cap in a clothes dryer, it can shrink) or simply put it in a cool environment with sun until dry.


  • Before washing the cap, check the information label on the cap to know what recommendations the manufacturer gives you to wash it.
  • Wash it with cold water.

How to wash a white or light colored cap.

The white color in clothing always involves greater care when washing, and it is also very easy for them to get dirty frequently, so it is essential to follow a series of steps on how to clean a white cap.

Step 1. Moisten with cold water.

Step 2. Carve by hand (rubbing gently) with a soap or  neutral detergent with active oxygen.

Step 3. With a toothbrush, gently carve out stubborn sweat spots

Step 4. Finally rinse the cap with cold water.

Step 5. To dry it, hang your cap in the shade so that it soaks and the sun does not react with the remains of the soap as this can cause it to look a little yellow over time.

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