How to make a leather belt? 7 easy steps

We know that when you go shopping not all the time you get the right accessories so you can use and combine with some part of your clothing store and other times we find it but they cost a lot.

But do not worry, today we bring you a very easy tutorial to make a homemade leather belt with objects found at home such as nuts, washers and screws with which we will create patterns on it. Thanks to this article you will reduce the cost you thought to spend to small fractions and you will wear a unique personalized accessory .

Top 10 Materials to Make a Belt at Home

  • ✅- A strip of raw cardboard belt
  • ✅- Tape measure, Cutter and Scissors
  • ✅- Punch tool or punch
  • ✅- Assortment of hollow metal wrenches, bolts and nuts
  • ✅- A hammer
  • ✅- Hard surface for hammering
  • ✅- Paper towels
  • ✅- Gloves and leather dyeing
  • ✅- Salem X Oil
  • ✅- Leather or Wax Conditioner and Water

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Procedure: The 7 + 1 steps to make a homemade leather belt

⚠️ Attention! ⚠️

These steps can be done at home without any industrial equipment or machines. All steps can be done entirely by hand, but it is worth remembering that for all jobs you must use good clothing since you will be using scissors, hammers, etc. For this reason remember, safety comes first.

  • Step 1: Prepare the white or raw belt to be able to make incisions and stamp it. To achieve this we must immerse it in a container with water for a few brief minutes and then we will wrap it in paper towels, leaving it overnight . This in order that the internal part of the leather is damp, making the leather smooth and manageable, but you must allow the external part to dry a little in this way, giving it a perfect consistency to be able to generate the prints.
  • Step 2: We must determine the size of our waist, for that we place the belt around and when we have the measure we cut it. Now you can also take a belt you use and cut it to the same size, the other thing you can do is use a tape measure, the shape you use will depend on you. once you have the measurement you can cut the tip in the way that you like, be it rounded diagonally or simply horizontally . If the leather you bought does not have holes, you must use the trincheta to make the holes, before doing so you must mark with an old belt the spaces of each hole.
  • Step 3: Once you have the holes marked with a marker and with the necessary measures so that you or someone can use them , you can start to open them with the trench or if you do not have such a contraption you can use a punch or tool that helps you with the holes .
  • Step 4: Now that we have the holes done we are going to make another hole a little bigger for the buckle , once the hole is made we must place the buckle and make a double to the leather and double add a resistant glue, in this way the buckle is will keep and won’t come off.
  • Step 5: Now we will start with the creative part of what we are doing, place the belt straight and on a solid base then choose the iron material or any other that you want to stamp, once you have everything ready you will hold the material firmly and you are going to hit until the piece is marked on the leather.
    • Note !: Remember that when making the prints you must hit the chosen piece only once, this process you must do with all the materials all over the surface of the belt until you achieve what you want.
  • Step 6: Once we have the print we can continue with the painting of the belt, for this we must choose a tint of the color of our preference and to avoid leaving your hands we must use gloves we must also place the belt on a towel to avoid staining the rest , now you only have to apply the ink to the leather with a material with which you can add the ink without overloading the leather.
  • Step 7: Since we have the belt painted we must let it dry in the sun, for that we recommend that you hang it and wait for about two hours or so, then with a soft and clean cloth remove the excess paint that the belt has then We will use a special oil to polish leather to give it shine and flexibility .Decorate it to your liking!
    • Note: When the dyeing process is complete we must pass the oil with a towel, wait for it to be absorbed and clean it. If the skin is still hard, wait an hour and try re-oiling the strap until it reaches the desired level of flexibility.
  • Step 8: To finish we are going to apply the last ingredient so that this belt is finished and ready to use and we are referring to an oil for leather that will not allow the paint to not fall off and that over time the strap will not deteriorate, once you put this oil you wait five minutes to dry and polish well, then your work is done.


The 5 key tips to make a homemade leather belt

  • Puedes- You can consider buying a pre-cut blank belt, that if they only plan to make a single belt . This form is more economical , so you will not spend money on an entire piece that will later remain at home. Just make sure you have the correct width for the buckle you’re going to wear.
  • ✅- If you plan to dedicate yourself to this profession we recommend that you invest in a good belt cutter, in this way you can make works of art in a professional way .
  • Mientras- While you are working, always remember to keep the leather damp, you can do this with a sponge with water. Once you have it, you must pass it over the leather so that it does not get hard and you cannot work on it .
  • Otra- Another thing to keep in mind is that you should look for rivets and punches with a diameter of 1/8 inch.
  • ✅- You must bear in mind that the holes where the rivets will go must be marked exactly so you should use a ruler or something that helps you measure accurately.

Looking for something more professional? Discover how to make any belt!

⚠️ Attention! ⚠️

Before starting you should know that what we will discuss next was done with the help of professional machines and tools that are used to make the leather pieces.

  • Step 1: To start, choose the leather and a buckle of your choice. If you are starting we recommend that you use leather with vegetable dye as it is the one most used for creating belts.
  • Step 2: Now you must cut the piece you will use from the piece of leather you bought. once you cut it, it should measure about 30 centimeters more than that of your waist and the width should measure the same as that of the buckle you chose.
  • Step 3. Now it’s up to you to decide what shape you want the tip of your belt to be. You have several options you can do with pointed, rounded, square (as you prefer) . If you have not decided yet, you can look online for some ideas to get inspired and then make your own ideas.
  • Step 4. Once we have our belt cut we have to fold the uncut tip of the other end of the piece so that it is a double of four centimeters long. Now place the punch on the piece of leather making the point eventually go through the mark you made.
  • Step 5. Firmly hold the punch by the handle and tap firmly until the tip of the punch pierces the leather (this should be done on a firm base that does not move so that it does not cause unexpected accidents) .
  • Step 6. Here you must use a drilling machine (for example a drill if you do not have something more professional) to open the holes and be able to place the rivets but if you do not have it you can also use the same tool that you have been using to open the holes in the leather. The measure of separation that the holes must have is 1/2 centimeters.
  • Step 7. We are going to locate the second group of holes that you have made, we fold it so that both groups of holes must coincide in equal parts.
  • Step 8. If you see a strange edge on your belt we advise you to use an edge beveler, also since you are in that you could take advantage of this moment to stamp the piece of leather with the models that come out of your imagination.
  • Step 9. We are going to use the leather ink to paint the piece in question. Once we apply the ink we must let it dry completely, now we are going to use a clean and soft cloth to rub the belt with guey foot oil or a fatty soap. Then remove the shine from the piece and remove the excess of fat or oil (depending on what you have used).
  • Step 10. Now we are going to insert the toothed part of the buckle through the slot that was made previously and verify that it is properly adjusted. Then we fold the tip that we did not cut looking for the holes we made for the rivets to be even, then we will insert the rivets at the bottom of the belt. We take the tip of the piece of leather and place it on a flat surface in order to place the caps.
  • Step 11. Let’s put the belt on the waist of the person who is going to use it with the intention of seeing if the buckle is in the center of the belt. If so, mark a marker a reference point on the inside of the belt so you can calculate a good range for the users and feel comfortable.


Conclusion Learn how to make a beautiful home belt!

In this way you will have a belt made as if you were an expert, we hope you liked this article and we have excited you to enter this world that is very fascinating and gratifying. We invite you to continue with us and see the other posts of “How to do ” we assure you that you liked them a lot and you will be able to cheer up your acquaintances with a nice handmade leather gift.

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