Why is my cell phone out of service or without signal?

It is quite common that when you try to make a call, you see a pop-up that says “Network not available.” If you have had this problem, or it happens constantly, making you wonder why I am not receiving calls on my phone. There is no reason to be alarmed, since we will show you the reasons why this happens to you , and the options that you can apply to solve this problem .

A basic concept that you should know is about how a phone signal travels. Cell phones are dependent on radio waves , requiring them to be within range of an antenna or base station to communicate. The closer you are to a base station, the better the signal you will have to communicate.

These base stations are usually well supplied in urban areas, but being far from a service station is not the only reason why you may have signal problems or that “Network not available” appears on your device. To better clarify this doubt, we will show you the most frequent causes of these situations and their potential solutions.

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  1. Possible solutions to the network not available on my cell phone
    1. Check that everything is fine on our phone
    2. Restart your cell phone
    3. Clean the SIM card
    4. Check area coverage
    5. Overloaded phone lines
    6. Contact an operator
  2. Check the possible causes that you should take into account
    1. Self carelessness
    2. Check the status of the line
    3. Check coverage
    4. Overloaded phone lines
    5. The SIM card Is it good or damaged?
  3. What to do if my cell phone recognizes the chip but has no signal?
  4. What companies allow you to report a location without service?
  5. How are you going to be able to communicate with an operator if you don’t have a signal?

Possible solutions to the network not available on my cell phone

The first step to find a solution to the problem of the lack of telephone service or signal is to identify its origin . So  what to do if I don’t have coverage or signal? Well, the specific solution to this question is anchored to the particular origin of it on your mobile device. Therefore, you can use any of the following solutions to put an end to the lack of signal on your mobile device.

Check that everything is fine on our phone

The first step that we should follow is to check that everything is correct with our phone, checking that we have deactivated the airplane mode , check that the SIM card is not incorrectly placed or that it presents a fault.

Restart your cell phone

Although this process may seem simple, it is one of the most effective in situations of lack of service in the device’s mobile network. To restart your phone, you just have to momentarily press the corresponding ‘Off’ button on your mobile and select the ‘Restart’ option.

When you restart your phone, the data that had previously been stored in the device’s RAM memory is erased. Therefore, by starting these again, the processes are executed correctly and any error that was interfering with the correct access to the mobile network or also the data service of the device can be solved.

Clean the SIM card

The dirt on the SIM card prevents your mobile device from making an adequate reading of it and therefore has failures to provide the telephone network service. To clean the SIM card, you must carefully remove it from the device, preferably when you have turned it off, and rub it gently with a dry , smooth cloth that does not impregnate lint on the surface of the card.

Subsequently, you must moisten a swab with alcohol and carefully clean the surface of the gold contacts of the SIM card with it, to remove any particles of oxide, dust or other impregnated material that could be interfering with the reading of the SIM. When you’re done, you can insert the card back into your device and check the effectiveness of the process.

Check area coverage

It is common to pass through areas in which coverage is null or precarious, these areas are usually known as dead signal areas. The solution to this problem may vary depending on the type of dead zone being referenced.

On the other hand, since the problem of the lack of telephone network service, when it comes to staying in specific places, is not subject to failures in the mobile phone or errors in its system, the solution to this problem is anchored in prevention rather than immediate action by the user.

If you find yourself in a dead coverage zone within a city, such as an elevator, basement, or tunnel, you should be careful to take any important action that requires a signal before entering those zones , so you don’t have to worry while you don’t. you have signal for a little while.

Fixing the loss of signal in a city dead zone is easy to avoid or suffer slightly. However, this term is more meaningful when referring to a rural area where it will be practically impossible to get a signal . Once again, we recommend that you make any calls or send any messages of the utmost importance before you enter a rural area without a telephone line.

Overloaded phone lines

This being an aspect that escapes the hands of mobile service users, it is valid to present a potential solution to it, added to possible cases in which the lack of service is due to a rainy climate. One aspect that we have to take into account is that in addition to the telephone lines, you have the internet .

There are services on the Internet where it is possible to get a virtual telephone number , which can be used to make a call in situations where telephone lines are temporarily overloaded. You only have to get an establishment with Free WiFi to use this solution or have other platforms for prompt communication. One of the best applications to do this is Google Voice .

Contact an operator

Putting the operator with which you are affiliated aware of the inconvenience that your device presents to establish a satisfactory connection with the respective network is essential. Especially if you have checked the status of your SIM card on another device and the answer is still negative .

Access the contact point of your mobile network server from another phone or from the server’s web platform to inform them of the lack of service on your SIM card. The corresponding operator must present a prompt solution to the lack of signal or must supply you with another SIM card if the problem is particular with your service.

Check the possible causes that you should take into account

There are several reasons why you could have this problem on your cell phone, starting from causes by human error to situations that are totally beyond the responsibility of the user. Below, you can evaluate some of the reasons that most frequently cause a cell phone to appear out of service.

Self carelessness

We will start by mentioning some reasons caused by the user’s own carelessness, generally being caused by an unintentional action. Some of these causes are:

  • Commonly, the airplane modeis activated without the direct will of the user , resulting from an accident and resulting in not being able to access any telephone network.
  • You have the wrong SIM card or it is damaged, making it impossible for you to communicate using phone credit.

Check the status of the line

Sometimes, the failure of the telephone service in cell phones is due to the fact that the service has been suspended due to a lack of payment or due to an error made by the service provider. Therefore, it is prudent to check that the line is active and that the status of the service payments is kept up to date.

Check coverage

Areas with no connection to a telephone network, no coverage, or no signal generally refer to places where mobile phones cannot access a base station . Depending on the location, telephones may have different reasons for being without a signal, such as interference from buildings, natural formations, or trees interfering with the telephone signal.

Some examples of dead zones can be tunnels, elevators, basements, areas with a high density of forest or places far from a base station of the corresponding network server. In situations of this type, it is very likely that there will be difficulties in maintaining good coverage, although in general there is no direct coverage of any kind.

Overloaded phone lines

Base stations have a certain capacity that they can support, so even though this is quite large, if a large number of people make calls at the same time, the quality of service can be affected while  the line is congested .

This usually doesn’t happen very often, and is only limited to specific seasons of national celebrations, such as New Years or Christmas.

The SIM card Is it good or damaged?

The lack of coverage service can also be the result of deterioration in the SIM card of the corresponding mobile device. The SIM card is usually quite sensitive to forced manipulation by users, resulting in a damaged SIM.

The best option to check the good condition of a SIM card and ensure that it works, is to insert it in a different mobile device and check the status of the coverage. If it maintains access to the telephone service, there is no damage to the SIM, but the problem lies in the device’s slot or in the way the SIM card had previously been inserted into it.

Otherwise, the SIM is damaged and the best option is to purchase a new card from the telephony server of your choice.

What to do if my cell phone recognizes the chip but has no signal?

In this case, you should start by checking the status of your SIM card and the corresponding slot in the device. If you have inserted your SIM in another mobile device and it does not present any problem to get a signal, then the origin of the problem is in the phone slot. In this case, you must take your device to technical service to have the SIM card slot repaired.

On the other hand, if the SIM card is recognized by the other device but still does not acquire coverage, the SIM card may be damaged or disabled . You must contact your telephone company; either to reestablish service or to get a new SIM.

Another option you can go to is to ‘Reset Network Settings’ manually . In the case of an Android cell phone, you must enter ‘Wireless connections and networks’ in the ‘Settings’ menu; then enter the option ‘Mobile Networks’, ‘Access Point Names’ and finally ‘Restore Default Values’.

On an iPhone device, enter ‘Settings’, ‘General’ and then ‘Reset Network Settings’ .

What companies allow you to report a location without service?

The option that allows sending a location when the device is not within the service area or with coverage, is available exclusively for emergency services platforms. In addition, reporting a location to emergency services is an option that is usually previously activated on each mobile device, so it does not depend on any particular telephone company .

In case you want to check the current status of this service, you must enter the ‘Location’ option within the ‘Settings’ menu. Then select ‘location services for emergencies’ and finally activate the option ‘Send DLS location’ .

How are you going to be able to communicate with an operator if you don’t have a signal?

If you do not have another mobile device at your fingertips, another option to contact the operator with which you are affiliated is through its online platform . Currently, most of the companies that provide telephone services have a section for customer service on their web pages.

In addition to this service through web platforms, the operators have mobile applications that can be downloaded by their users. Similarly, on these platforms, customer service and restoration of services is generally quick and efficient.


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