Strategy for producing poisonous vegetables

Most are poisonous. Because the use of pesticides does not allow the farmers to accept the time given for the collection of vegetables. Against ignorance, farmers use the wrong and prohibited pesticides. Therefore, eating more poisonous vegetables in this way is also causing new diseases again. Farmers apply pesticides to the land due to insect pest attacks. Pesticides applied to the land mainly result in financial loss, environmental damage and health loss.

Currently a voluntary organization, the Society for Development Initiatives (SDI), along with other developmental programs, has created a stir by producing pesticide-free vegetables in Dhamrai Upazila, near Dhaka. The project started in Savar’s Tetuljora union. After its success, project-2 started in Dhamrai upazila. Rural Work Assistance Foundation (PKSF) has provided financial support to Project 2. SDI is regularly training 20 cultivators of two clusters in Somabha and Royale of Dhamrai Upazila under the harmful pesticide free vegetable production and marketing project-2. In this regard, the agricultural coordinator of the project, SM Awald Hossain, the agronomist, is making a significant contribution. With the training, farmers have become more aware of farming than ever before. They are now able to market their grown vegetables at high prices, including increasing agricultural production through improved agricultural management Have been They think that it is possible to earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting these poisonous vegetables abroad. SDI has taught them to dream. Too many promises “simple and modern. Currently they are producing vegetables through IPM and the most important technology of organic pesticides.

That’s how the process works

There are usually four steps in the life cycle of pigs. Stage 1 – Complete insect, Stage 2 – Eggs, 3rd step – Larva (worm) and 4th step – pupa (puppy). Every step is important for crop damage. By preventing these steps at the right time, it is possible to reduce crop losses to a great extent.

Whole insect causes extensive damage to crops. To get rid of it, farmers apply pesticides to the land. As a result, some insects die in the action of pesticides. Some insects are tolerant and do not die despite applying pesticides. Again, some insects move on to other lands, realizing the smell of pesticides. When the poisoning was done, they returned to the land of the former and damaged the vegetables. In this case, the trained farmers of SDI, without any pesticide application, are using the safe and environmentally friendly sex pheromone trap to destroy the male pest. It uses a chemical substance called odor hormone. The odor of the masculine male is attracted to the insect, and the soap placed in the pot dies in water. One sex pheromone trap is sufficient for every three percent of the land. Sex pheromone traps have to be set in the square every 8-12 meters away from the ground. Sex pheromone The trap is tightly tied to the growing part of the vegetables (flowers, fruits and tips). As the height of the tree increases, the height of the trap is also increased. Flies are the main enemy of pumpkin vegetables. Sex pheromone traps are extremely effective in suppressing insects on crops such as lu, sweet pumpkin, rice pumpkin, cucumber, shrimp, corla, cucumber, chichinga, boiling, dhundal, etc. Also in this process, eggplant fruit and tip pest insects have been successfully controlled.

Step 2 – Eggs: Pest insects are usually born from fertile eggs. A full-bodied insect usually lays eggs in a safe place, especially under the leaves. But the amount of pesticides that farmers give is high, but usually does not reach the bottom of the leaf. In most cases, eggs are not destroyed by pesticides. Again, if the farmer wants to destroy the eggs by collecting leaves by hand, it is not always possible in all cases. The larvae (worms) that come out of the egg do a lot of damage to the crop. That’s why it’s so important to lay eggs. Trichogramma is a hostile “parasitic insect that destroys pork eggs. When the insects left the land, they ate their enemy’s eggs from their land and raised their own line by planting eggs there. As a result no worms can be born in new ways. Thus it helps in the production of crops.

Step 3 – Worms / Larva: The larvae (worms) that come out of the egg do a lot of damage to the crop. Bracken is a type of enemy insect worm / larva-destroying parasitic worm that survives by eating larvae. When the bacon leaves the insects on the land, they find the land and eat the larvae and help grow the crop.

Step 4 – Doll: The insect-borne vegetables decompose quickly and fall to the ground from the tree. The worm that is hiding in the vegetable can start a new attack in a short time and become a full-blown insect. The effigy is usually hidden beneath the soil, in a pile of crop residues. They need clean cultivation to destroy them. If the land is well cultivated, the birds will eat the butterfly. He also dies at high heat of the sun. As these pests become poultry 8-12 cm deep in the soil, residues of affected fruits and crops have to be drilled at least 3 cm in the soil or crushed by hand or foot.

Thus, it is possible to increase crop yields by disrupting the breeding of pigs in such a way as to get rid of financial loss, environmental damage and health loss in many ways. Farmers are gathering and experiencing crowds from different places to watch these programs of farmers. SDI and PK SF are planning to make the project bigger in the future.

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