Herbal solution of gastric or acidity

Gastric or acidity problems are very common in our country. Many people suffer from this problem almost every year. In modern medical science, it is found as a cure for many expensive medicines. But if it can be cured by the various natural things near our hands, then what is the need to spend extra money? So let’s look at some of these elements.


If you are suffering from gastric problems, then Long may be your right diet. Keep two cheeks in your mouth and chew as the juice enters your mouth. You will see that the acidity is gone.


Soak it with a teaspoon of cumin. Now knead it in such a way that it does not become powdered, it is broken slightly. Mix this powder in one glass of water and drink it every meal. See how it works like magic.


Powder can relieve irritation and ACDT in your chest. When the chest is irritated, immediately put it in the mouth of the powder until it is completely melted. However, it is prohibited in patients with diabetes.


Fields made with milk and butter were once very popular in our country. Add a little pepper powder to it to act as a tonic to remove the acidity.

Mint leaves

Mint juice has long been used to alleviate gastric problems. You can stay away from acidity and indigestion by chewing mint leaf juice or leaves daily.


If we do not want to get married at home, we do not. Made with various anti-acid ingredients like talk yogurt, beet salt etc. It plays a very helpful role in digestion. If you eat one glass each day after heavy meals, your gastric problems will often be alleviated.

Basil leaves

All of you know about thousands of folds of blanket. Its role in eliminating ACDT is also unique. When there is gastric problem, you will notice that the acidity is reduced by chewing 4-5 basil leaves. If you drink blanket leaves with water daily, your tendency to become acidity will be greatly reduced.


Ginger is also an herbal ingredient that benefits us a lot. Each time you eat a small piece of ginger for half an hour before eating, you will notice that your gastric problem has disappeared.


Milk contains a lot of calcium, which helps reduce stomach acid. Keeping one glass of milk in the refrigerator at night will be free from acidity all day after eating the cold milk in the empty stomach the next morning. However, some stomachs are susceptible to milk, in which case the problem can be exacerbated by breastfeeding.

Vanilla ice cream

We all love to eat ice cream. But did you know that vanilla ice cream not only adds to our satisfaction, as well as contributes to eliminating acidity! Did you hear that it increased the eating of ice cream or not? But be careful not to cool again

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