Roof garden can be decorated with herbs

There is no pair of herbs to decorate the vase. Used as a cut flower and herbs. Although herbs are a foreign flower, there is a great demand in our country. A variety of herbs are grown in the country like red, white, yellow, pink, orange, to look like sunflower. These herbs flower throughout the year. One to 5 flowers are available from a tree. Usually the herbs are refreshed 8-12 days after the flowers are harvested from the tree. As a result the demand for these flowers is increasing day by day. Do-tesh or sandy do-tsh soil is suitable for cultivating herbs. It is best if the shrubs can make a polythene shed for the tree. Once upon a time the tissue culture of India was on fodder, but now it is grown in Bangladesh.

The soil and climate of Bangladesh are very suitable for cultivating herbs. The beauty of the ceiling is enhanced by placing a few eyebrow-colored herbs on the roof. In order to cultivate it on the roof, herbs can be placed in the shade of other trees. It will also get light sunshine and light shade. It is important to keep in mind that the tub does not hold rain water.

For best results:

3) Keep the tub in the light sun

2) If the herbs begin to die, the flower buds should be cut off at the earliest.

3) Care should be taken to ensure that the soil in the tub does not dry out too much

3) Water can never be stored at the root of the tree.

3) If the leaves of the herbs die, the dead leaves should be cut with scissors.

3) After 8-20 days, mustard oil of mustard must be diluted with water at the base of the tree.

3) The soil of the tub should be drained occasionally.

3) When planting flowers, the plant should be kept a little longer and the flowers should be cut in the third.

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