How to Start a Visiting Record, Pad Printing Business?

In line with the modernization of civilization and the media , the demand for things like visiting cards , pads, etc. is increasing. Regardless of the importance of the visiting card , pad is a valuable communication medium. Because , in various public private offices, the officers of the court and the persons responsible , businessmen and other persons engaged in social activities , the address , the mobile number, etc. are very well mentioned in the visiting card , pad. As a result , the service providers can easily know the skills , rank and address of such persons .

An entrepreneur can easily get started by starting this business. It is gaining popularity as a profitable business for educated and semi-educated youths. The business can be operated depending on the needs of the customers with the skills and experience on the computer and the small capital. This is done by designing the tracing paper.

Location: This business does not require much space to start. This business can be started in the market or in a small shop next to the market. However, it is better to start this business where people travel more.

Why Start a Visiting Record Business

The amount of profit in this business is not bad. This business can be started very easily by investing a small amount of money. There is no risk in this business. Many people are making a living by this business. Demand for this business is very high. For which many new and young entrepreneurs want to start this business. Starting this business doesn’t require much effort. Visiting cards can be made in a very short time.


Visiting Records Business Potential Funds: To start this business you will need to invest approximately 1 Taka.

How to get started: First of all, customers need to design the computer. Then print on tracing paper. After printing, the cut should be supplied to the customer at a specified size The pad is made the same way.

 Qualifications: To start this business you need to know the work of graphics design. Creative entrepreneurs can easily succeed in this business.

Potential Income: Starting this business, it is possible to earn Tk 5,000 to Tk 5,000 per month.

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