All about the Xiaomi Walking Pad R2 treadmill

The pandemic has changed our lives, we know it. If until two years ago it was unthinkable to work most of the time at home, and going to the gym regularly was completely normal, today our daily lives have adapted to a new concept of living space.

Now, whether due to agility at work or out of necessity, our homes have had to adapt. New multipurpose spaces have appeared in many homes, corners set up as offices and, why not, small spaces for training of various kinds, to which we have also adapted.

A few months ago we began to make the spaces more habitable, which, initially improvised and created in a simple way, allowed us to experience the restriction of working remotely in a more pleasant way.

Some 18 months after the first quarantine, although the situation has definitely improved, for many people it is still necessary to spend a lot of time indoors for work reasons , and crowded places, such as gyms, do not always offer the feeling of security that they do. offers the place where we live.

A condition that easily leads to less physical activity also for the simple fact that, by not going to work, those 2 km (average personal daily distance) on foot between transport, parking and commuting are no longer done with the same frequency.

So a solution like the one in this post could be a very good idea. We love the concept and that is precisely why we are going to talk about this treadmill after seeing it in use at home.

Walking Pad R2 – Speed

Before thinking about buying a treadmill, you have to ask yourself a very important question: do I want to use it only for walking or also for running?

A substantial difference that divides the market into two sectors:

  • Products that reach a maximum speed of 6KM/h, which are really suitable for walking, even sustained.
  • Products that reach and exceed 10KM/h, which are the option for those who also want to run.

The WalkingPad R2 is in the second sector, reaching a maximum speed of 10KM/h , allowing not only light training but also a good running pace that will allow you to get a real workout and stay fit without leaving home.

Although it cannot be considered that 10KM/h is running at high speed, taking into account the width of these products, the type of chassis and the safety that must be taken when running, we assure you that 10KM/h is more than enough to exercise, sweat, train and at the same time run calmly.


One of the strengths of the R2 is its weight. The WalkingPad is not light at all, which is good because it can be used without any problem even by tall people with considerable weight , especially considering the running phase in which the body releases a lot of energy at each impact with the headband.

With a person of about 90 kg running at 10 km per hour, the WalkingPad is extremely stable , perfectly still and gives an excellent feeling of strength and solidity. There are other products on the market that allow you to run twice as fast, but the weight is obviously higher, but overall this R2 strikes a perfect balance between price/speed/robustness/size.

All the elements are perfectly assembled, the materials are excellent and plastic is used in the right places to lighten some elements but not for the base structure, which is instead made of steel and absorbs vibrations, shocks and clearly our stride.

Despite its weight, the R2 has a very effective locking system and, thanks to the two wheels at the bottom front, it can be easily transported around the house . Obviously it is not a product suitable for moving it from one floor to another, two people or a person strong enough is usually needed.

Although this WalkingPad is not a small product to hide behind a cupboard -precisely because of its characteristics-, once closed it can be easily placed under a loft bed, behind the corner of a piece of furniture or in cupboards or areas of the house where don’t bother too much.

The opening and closing are immediate and, once you understand the release mechanism, in less than 30 seconds you will go from the product totally closed to  exercising .

How to use

So far we have talked about running and stability, but one of the features of this product (and others like it) is that it can also be used for walking. Speeds vary in steps of 0.5M/h and start at 1 and go up to 10 . Above 6KM/h, variable depending on the height, a light jog begins, below it walks.

When using R2 with the vertical support lowered, the mat will automatically enter WALK mode, limiting speed to a maximum of 4KM/h. This is a safety setting that will allow you to avoid any risk of injury. This is a security setting that allows R2 to be placed under a desk and walk around while working on the computer.

We’ve used it to walk around during computer chats, meetings, and even long get-togethers. Not only will you be active, but the walk won’t make you out of breath and, being indoors, you won’t be part of the noisy outside conversation you would have walking down the street.

In addition, in this mode you can vary the speed simply by increasing or decreasing the pace of the march without having to use the app or the remote control. Obviously always with a maximum of 4KM/h.

Using R2 with the vertical mount instead, you can also take advantage of the running mode or rather, there is no longer the 4KM/h limit. Any speed range can be selected , but automatic pacing is lost.

Then it will be necessary to use the remote control or the application to adjust the speed, which will not follow the rhythm of our step or race. As mentioned at the beginning, the weight and robustness of the product make the difference when running.

The steel frame , external aluminum platform and plastic handle are very well built and allow you to train without worry. In addition, the absence of a noticeable weld on the mat makes for a very smooth ride with no change in footing during training.

App and data

R2 is part of Xiaomi’s extensive family of products, but it’s not really connected within the company’s ecosystem. The application is its own and allows easy management of the WalkingPad through a direct connection.

The interface is in English , but it is easily understandable and clear enough to immediately understand where the various settings, items, and functions are.

Unfortunately, the synchronization of the mat with the smartphone only happens if you have the app open and if you do a workout without launching the software, that data will be lost. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a shame. The option to share your workout with Google Fit is nice.

In conclusion

Although until a couple of years ago some would not have considered a treadmill, the new lifestyle that we have had to get used to will surely lead us to consider the possibility of buying one.

After a few weeks of testing and using two different products, we can confirm that this type of product makes absolute sense regardless of the pandemic .

Being able to exercise and even just walk while doing other things, especially if you work a lot on the computer or on the phone, while you are at home/office is a habit that you will pick up right away and an activity that you will enjoy doing without even realizing it.

Also consider having such a product in an office, perhaps in a common area, or at home, behind a door. As it is easily foldable and mobile on wheels, you can place it wherever you want.


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