How to start a business with a height and weight measuring device

Thinking of small business with very little capital? Height and weight measuring machine can be a starting point for yourself. The business is small enough to start with 5 bucks. Weight measuring machine can be purchased from Walton for 5 rupees. You can retire this business if you want or you can run it with anyone else.

At present, people are more health conscious than ever. To maintain this continuity of health awareness , one must be aware of regular medical checkups , fitness and calories. This is why awareness of these is essential as part of maintaining good health and being free from any disease.

And to maintain this health and fitness, lately, specialist doctors and consultants always advise to be careful with weight and height. Excessive weight gain , height gain over age can never be good for health.

So people are more active in using weight and height measuring instruments to get regular updates on weight and height. People are also more aware of calories. The result is a machine that has the advantage of always together , the old man can come in handy. This can be a great business idea considering the business aspects . Read on – Check out these 5 best tips for starting a business

Business Location: This business can be started while traveling around the park, sidewalk, road bend or market in a place that is easily visible to the people.

Why start this business?

  • This business can be easily started at a place where regular people meet.
  • You do not have to invest large sums to start this business. This business can be operated at its own convenience as the weight and height measuring machine can be easily transferred.
  • This business has no problem growing up.
  • This is a risk-free business.

Potential Capital : To start this business you need to invest Rs. Find out more: How to start a business in a small town

How to Start a Business

You have to buy a machine from a shop that sells electronics products. Weight, height and calories should be purchased on the same machine when purchasing the machine. Machines of different bands are available in the market. Then with this machine people have to attend and go to the place to provide service to the customers. The more people measure weight and height, the higher the income will be. If you look small, then investing less money is a good profit.

Customers: People who are generally health conscious and regularly exercise are the consumers of this business.

Qualifications: No special qualifications are required. To start this business you need to have an idea about the machine.

Potential Income: Starting from this business, you can earn an average of 1 to 5 taka per day. The space may vary more or less.

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