How to Start a T Shirt Business

T Shirt Business is a low capital gains business. Starting with less money, it is a popular business for young entrepreneurs. Today we will try to know how to start a T-shirt business successfully. Let’s go back to the main discussion without raising any more words.

As our days go by, our costumes are changing. T-shirts are well known as comfortable clothing. Many girls, along with boys, wear t-shirts nowadays. As the days go by, the demand for T-shirts will increase. Without good design nowadays no one wants to buy a T-shirt. There is a great demand for T-shirt designers all over the world. Demand for online T-shirt business along with the shops is increasing day by day.

Why Start a T Shirt Business?

  • This business is known as a popular business. Demand for this business is always there, so its demand in the market is increasing day by day.
  • By investing less money, you can earn more money by starting this business.
  • This business doesn’t need much space to start.
  • T-shirts are a favorite dress for all.
  • The risk of this business is low.
  • Your interest can be blown out beautifully.
  • T-shirt factory can be operated by renting their own house or small house.
  • T-shirts can be traded online.

Business Location: This business does not require a lot of space to start. This business can be started in less space. This business can be started at a small market or a small store next to the market. This business can also be started at home. Moreover, customized t-shirt business can be done online. Read on – The skills needed to start a business

How to Start a T-Shirt Business

There are many ways you can start a t-shirt business. The easiest way is to buy and sell your choice of readymade T-shirts at a low price You will also recognize this business as a lot of stock lot business. Although this method is simple, there are many problems. For example, the quality of the clothes is not right, you do not get the choice of design all the time, the color can come from the cloth, the business can not be managed in this way for long.

The second way is to buy clothes and make T-shirts. This method is the most popular and economical. Because you will buy clothes yourself and you do not want to spoil your bond with bad clothes. Although it is difficult and time consuming. How to start a business by making a t-shirt yourself and then printing

  1. Business written plans
  2. Designing T-shirts on trendy topics.
  3. Finding a Dying Factory
  4. Available at Garment Factory.
  5. Buying clothes like choice.
  6. Dyeing
  7. Transferring cloth from dyeing to garment.
  8. Adjust the size of the t-shirt.
  9. Cutting clothes
  10. To print (Screen Prints, Sublimation and Heat Transfer)
  11. T-shirt print from stitching and tagging.
  12. Ironing.
  13. To be polished
  14. Packet

Marketing: Young people are the main buyers but any person is the buyer of this product. T-shirts can be sold in your own shop and showroom. You can sell online, and marketing can be done in the store by hiring staff.

Qualifications: Experience is required to start this business. If you do not have the experience, start with a small amount of capital and go ahead with the business.

Potential Capital: You can start with Tk. If the business is going well, you can invest more.

Potential income: 25 to 5 percent profit.

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