Speedcheck – a new internet speed checking service

Slow page loading sometimes appears due to a malfunction in the ISP or router, or simply problems with the requested website. All factors must be taken into account, but first you need to check the speed of the internet.

Speedcheck is a free service that allows you to find out the speed of your internet in just seconds.

Speed ​​Diagnostics

The interface of the site is intuitive – on the main screen there is a blue button for a quick start of the diagnosis.

After a while, the results of the check appear. What do these indicators mean? Scroll further down the page and check out the detailed 6-chapter “Guide to Speed ​​and Internet Connection”. It has everything for self-troubleshooting in your system and for improving internet speed. Users who are far from the basics of internet connectivity will find out what an internet service provider (ISP) is, an IP address, how an Ethernet cable affects internet speed, and can understand if the test results are good enough for their needs.

  1. Time delay (ping) of data to get to the destination (milliseconds). The result – up to 100 ms – is good. You will notice a delay of more than 200 ms when your video chat “hangs”.
  2. Download speed (Mbps) indicates how fast your device downloads data from the Internet. For example, when you watch a video, pages with many photos or download documents.
  3. Download speed (Mbps) determines how your device downloads data on the Internet. It affects the amount of time it takes to upload photos, documents or videos, for example to email.

It is advisable to perform speed tests at different times of the day. If it slows down only at peak times and then gets back to fast – this situation is normal. But if your speed is consistently below that promised by your ISP then this is a problem and needs to be addressed.

All your speed test results performed in Speedcheck are saved for you to review and draw the right conclusions for yourself.

What to do now?

Even if your download and download speeds are good, there are other factors that slow down your internet. Check out:

  • Your type of internet connection;
  • Time When many people use the internet at the same time, the speed decreases. The highest rates are usually late at night or early morning;
  • High traffic sites. This problem cannot be solved – you just have to be patient and go to the site later;
  • Your gadget. You won’t even feel a very fast internet speed if your computer/smartphone/tablet is outdated or infected with virus.

Service benefits

Speedcheck has two clear advantages:

  1. Server networks consist of 40 Gb/s servers only. Thus, the user can measure a really fast connection along the entire route, while in other online tests, the speed is measured only from his access point to the Internet provider’s server, which is not quite correct, from which the performance is always high.
  2. There is a detailed guide to help users solve connection problems.

There is also a handy mobile application for iPhone and Android smartphones:


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