What internet speed do I need?

Do you opt for safe internet from Kliksafe? Then you will be faced with the choice when ordering: which internet speed is right for me? In this blog we help you on your way.

Fiber optic or DSL?

In most cases, Kliksafe provides internet via two different networks: DSL and fiber optic. DSL uses a copper telephone line and is available at most addresses. This network is stable and (depending on how many neighbors are online) also fast. Fiber optic is a technique that uses light signals through a glass line. This ensures a lightning-fast connection. Higher speeds are achievable with fiberglass. Do the zip code check to find out what’s available at your address.
Do you want to know more? Read the difference between fiber optic and DSL .

What speed? 50-100-200?

The designation Mb or Mbit/s means: megabits per second. Mb determines how fast you can use the internet. The higher the number, the faster your internet connection. How fast your internet connection should be depends on your situation. Below are a few examples.

Up to 50 MB

Most subscriptions start at 50 Mb. If you live alone or as a couple, 50Mb is more than enough. You can surf, watch videos, listen to music or stream a service at the same time.

100 MB

This subscription is perfect for families with small children. Everyone can simultaneously video call for school or work, stream videos or music, surf the web and play an online game without any problems.

200 MB

For larger families with older children, consumption will increase. Dad has to video call for work, while the youngest daughter streams a series. And my son watches a movie on YouTube or plays a game. In this situation 200 Mb fits well.

300 Mb and above

Everything above 300 Mb is for large consumers. If you are such a large consumer, you simply want the very best: streaming with multiple devices in 4k (high quality) resolution, downloading large files and everyone in the family should be able to be online with multiple devices at the same time.

check your wifi

Your internet speed is fastest when your device is connected with an internet cable. But most users are connected wirelessly: it’s called WiFi. In addition to a fast internet subscription, you also need a good WiFi connection. Do you want to know how to properly set up your WiFi? Read our Wi-Fi tips page .
What speeds does Kliksafe offer at your address? Do the zip code check.

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