How to use our TV remote on PlayStation 4

Smart TVs (or smart televisions) have more and more resources, even interaction with other equipment. In the case of PlayStation 4, you can configure it (except for some models) so that everything works together and facilitates the user.

One of them allows you to control the PlayStation 4 menus using the television remote. Very useful function for moments where the console is used only to play content from YouTube, Netflix or even watch our home videos.

It is important to note that not all smart TV models are compatible with this function. Some devices, which are not “smart”, may also be compatible. You will only have to look in the manual of the television and check if it has an «easy link», «sync», etc. function.

PS4 Settings

After checking if the smart TV has the above function, the PS4 must be configured to accept the connection.

We will only have to go to the configuration menu> System and check the box with the option «Activate link of the HDMI device» .


Smart TV Settings

These settings vary according to the model of televisions and brands, and can usually be found in the settings menu or even via shortcuts.

In the case of LG TVs, this function is called “SIMPLINK”. When activated, a new menu screen will appear to configure it. A very simple and self explanatory step by step.

Follow instructions from some big brands to set up the link with the HDMI device to the Smart TV:

  • Samsung (Anynet +)
  • Sony BRAVIA (BRAVIA Sync)
  • LG Simplink

The characteristics

The number of functions that can be performed after setting up the link with the HDMI device may vary depending on the smart TV model, but are generally as follows:

  • The Smart TV turns on when the PS4 turns on and vice versa;
  • You can control the home menu of the console using the remote control of the TV;
  • You can control some applications with the TV remote (Netflix, Spotify, etc).

Using the television remote while audiovisual content is running, it is a good option to save the DualShock 4’s battery, above all, allowing it to be turned off.

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