Som Tam salad

Som Tam salad . Authentic Thai green papaya salad . The Thai cookbook has a wide range of delicious salads. There are cold and warm, vegetables and fruits -such as papaya or thai grapefruit-, seafood and meat , soy noodles … They are very tasty due to the combination of fresh ingredients they use and light because most of them do not contain not a drop of oil .


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  • 1 About the recipe
  • 2 Papaya
  • 3 Basic types of papaya salad
  • 4 The ingredients of the Som Tam salad
  • 5 Preparation of green papaya salad
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About the recipe

Papaya or Som Tam salad is popular throughout Southeast Asia. It is a fresh and healthy salad with a combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy dishes that makes a harmonious development. Make salad of papaya is more an art than a science, and soon you can make your own balance of ingredients to come to your own taste.


Som Tam salad is a typical recipe zone Isan area and takes as main ingredient Papaya green is a fruit tropical known as the fruit of health by having a long list of magnificent properties. It is green , quite large and elongated and its interior is a whitish green similar to cucumber . This fruit hardly adds flavor or smell to the recipe, it is an ingredient that gives texture and acts as a means to unite the other components of the salad and it is worth trying.

Basic types of papaya salad

Papaya salad has three basic types:

  • Som TamThai, which toasts mixed peanuts in it.
  • Som Tam Bu, pickled crab in it.
  • Som Tam Lao, the pickled mud juice – the fish in it.

Som Tam salad ingredients

This dish brings together the 5 flavors of Thai food: sweet , sour , acidic , salty and spicy . It is a light, healthy and very rich dish that can be eaten in many street stalls and some restaurants throughout Thailand . Although there are different variants of Som Tam green papaya salad , the most common has the following ingredients:

  • Green papaya cut into strips
  • Minced garlic
  • Carrot cut into strips
  • Green beans (round and long)
  • Hot peppers
  • Dried Chisquisllas
  • Lime juice
  • Fish sauce
  • Palm sugar
  • Tomatoes
  • Peanuts

Preparation of green papaya salad

It takes time, above all, because you have to peel the papayas into strips with a peeler but it is relatively easy to prepare. It is essential to have a good relatively large mortar since all the ingredients are put there. The first thing is to add the garlic and, if you want spicy, add the peppers and mash everything well. The dried shrimps are cast and crushed gently added 3 tablespoons sugar of palm , the beans , tomatoes and after crushing these ingredients whenever he threw one to the mortar, is added a few tablespoons of sauce fish , a couple tablespoons of lime juiceand everything is crushed again. If you have been very acidic or sour is poured more sugar from palm . And it only remains to serve it immediately since it is a dish to eat on the spot. It cannot be left unprepared.


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