Solution: ‘My TV turns on or off by itself without pressing the control button’

Undoubtedly the choice between a curved TV and a flat TV is somewhat complex, but this is not a big problem in the long run, sometimes the worst problems arise after a while. For this reason, today we bring you the solution to ‘Your TV turns on or on by itself without pressing the control button’ Why does it turn on by itself? Find out the possible answers below.

Your TV turns on by itself without control by automatic power on

Possibly the most logical reason why a television turns on by itself is because it has the automatic power options configured . It is very possible that by default the TV has set the automatic switch on at a specific time.

There is also the possibility that you have previously set the power on time and do not remember, or that it has happened after installing an application on your Smart TV . On the other hand, it could also be another person who made this configuration.

Regardless of the reasons for the issue, it is enough to make a small modification in order to see if this is the reason why the TV turns on by itself. Certainly the process is very different on each device, so you will have to use your remote control to access the functions of the TV and find an option related to automatic power on.

Once you find the option, simply disable it and check if the device turns on automatically or by itself.

Interference signal

Keep in mind that televisions work with infrared signals that transmit a code that televisions can analyze. It is a very interesting technology that has been around for many years and is in fact present in many devices.

Indeed, the TV controls / knobs are not the only ones that transmit this type of signal. Any remote control (or at least most of them) use this type of technology to transmit the signals that tell the devices to turn on , change channels, etc.

For this reason, check that you are not pressing a button on another controller and it creates interference. Certainly there are many remote controls and each one of them has its own codes, but once in a while the code of another device may be the same as that of the power-on function of your television. Given this, said signal can make an interference.

There are also infrared signal emitters in other devices, in fact, you can use an Android cell phone as a remote control for Smart TV . In short, check that another remote control or device is not causing an interference signal that could cause the TV to turn on itself.

Electrical faults

You may have noticed it before, but electrical faults are capable of causing problems on TVs. On many occasions, a drop or rise in electrical voltage can cause the TV to turn on . In fact, when there are blackouts, it is relatively common for the TV to turn on by itself when the light arrives.

Given this, it is best to verify the quality of your electrical service and if there is a problem in your home, if so, it is best to solve it as soon as possible . In fact, first of all, it is highly recommended not to expose any component or device such as your TV to electrical changes.

Variations in voltages can be very harmful to your television, in fact, beyond a simple automatic switch on, it could completely damage your device.

Controller / controller battery running low

It may seem counterintuitive, but a dead remote can send signals and sometimes they can cause the TV to turn on automatically. Therefore, check that your remote’s battery is not running low, if so, change it and see if the problem has disappeared.

The TV has a fault

It is one of the less likely options, but there is a possibility that your television has a fault . If so, you should take it to a technician and if it can’t be fixed, it doesn’t hurt to learn about AMOLED vs OLED vs LED vs QLED technologies and thus choose a new TV with better features.


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