My Samsung J7 cell phone turns off by itself and does not turn on. complete solution

J7 are still among the cell phones, due to the wide variety of functions that it offers to its users. It is a design that has seemed very good to them, proof of this is that it is still being sold all over the world. It is important to note that improvements have been made to the Android operating system on this smartphone . However, when performing the updates, problems have been observed on the computer. There are users who have reported that their Samsung J7 turns off by itself and it is not possible to turn it on anymore. Although many people choose to abandon the device and acquire a new one, the truth is that it has generated some discomfort in the population.

The detail of the equipment is that some units of the terminal after the update do not turn on. This is one of the biggest queries from users, however it can be fixed. Some doubts have focused on the Samsung Galaxy J7 due to power failure. After the software update, the phone does not have recovery, the cell phone does not turn on after the recovery installation, among others.

Samsung J7 turns off by itself and won’t turn on

Smartphone updates are formulated and released to the market to correct equipment failures. In this case, the problem of the Samsung Galaxy J7 is not a concern, in fact, some even think that it is an incompatibility detail. If you have experienced that new OS update failure, you need to do the following.

Why does the Samsung J7 turn off by itself

This can happen for various reasons, but without a doubt, the strongest reason is that the Samsung J7 turns itself off suddenly and does not want to turn on anymore, it is due to an overload of the operating system. leaving the computer without resources to function correctly. Then, sudden death happens, which is the term by which this fact is known. The phone crashes, shuts down and there is no way to turn it on  or connecting it to the charger, the device just can’t work anymore.

Despite Samsung’s innovations with all its models, failures are to be expected, although these vary with the use given to the device, we cannot be sure that they will never occur.

One of the faults that the Samsung J7 has presented is the shutdown alone. From an overheating on the board that generates an unexpected shutdown, in many cases so that the damage does not spread, to damage to the cell phone battery, they can be the cause.

The useful life of the elements that make up the Samsung have a limit, in the case of the battery, it must be changed once its cycle ends. Therefore, it is necessary that you take into account not to get rid of your device, if it has a solution, we only have to find the problem site.

The Samsung J7 is a great phone with multiple functions Do not throw it away if it presents this problem, use these tips to solve it.

Solution Samsung J7 does not turn on

When the Samsung J7 device has stopped working for no apparent reason, and to top it off, it doesn’t want to turn on again. It is normal that, in the midst of despair, we take it to different technicians and professionals who claim to find a solution that often does not arrive. Everything can be much cheaper, easier and more effective than we think. Next, we tell you what you have to do so that the device recovers its functionality.

The first step is: connect the mobile phone to an electrical outlet, using the original USB cable for an estimated time of one hour without interruptions. It is possible that the cell phone does not show signs of receiving the desired charge, but this process is being carried out correctly, even if it is not shown.

Once the stipulated charging time has passed, which would be one hour, the battery must be removed from the equipment. the cell phone must have a minimum of 50% of the available battery. Once this percentage is verified, the cell phone’s Recovery mode is entered . To achieve this, you must simultaneously and long press the volume up keys, Home and the power button of the equipment.

You must enter the option that says Wipe data, once there, a menu was displayed and the Factory Reset option is selected. A message will appear asking if you are sure to erase and format the system, in case you have important information, it is recommended to make a backup.

Once you select the Reset option, the process in question will start, once finished, it will be redirected to the start menu. The first option on the screen, named Power in Reboot system Now , should be chosen for the purpose of rebooting the Samsung Galaxy.

It can be affirmed that the process of restarting with the factory values ​​has been executed properly. Managing to solve part of the problem caused by the update of the Android operating system software. It is important to keep in mind that the cell phone will take its time to start again with the loading of packages, files and applications for the optimal operation of the Samsung Galaxy J7.

If the Samsung J7 turns off by itself  and there is no way to turn it on again, force restart it or connect it to the PC or charger, because the screen stays dark without sending any signs of life. What you have to do is try to turn it on in another way.

This process consists of pressing the power and Home keys at the same time for a few seconds. Doing so allows the computer to boot normally.

If the fault persists, it is recommended to attend an authorized technical agent, so that he can further investigate the details of turning off the Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile device .


Solutions for which my Samsung Galaxy J7 does not charge the battery or does not turn on the screen

Test that the cable and charger of your Smartphone are in good condition: Do not forget to check if the charger works correctly. Please make sure to use original charger and cable. Samsung equipment does not accept generics.

Clean the charging connector: to clean it, it is best to blow lightly on the port. You can also use a toothbrush or paintbrush to remove the powder.

Hold down the power button: your mobile may charge, but not turn on. You just need to press and hold the power button for about 15-30 seconds and wait for the Samsung logo to appear.

Access the recovery mode: If after performing these steps it still does not turn on, it is time to check if the terminal can access the recovery mode and reset it. The terminal could have a software bug that prevents the cell phone from starting.  

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