Alcatel secret codes to optimize my Alcatel One Touch

It is clear that we always want to get the most out of our smartphone , using its capabilities to the fullest. If you are an Alcatel user and want to know the secrets to alcatle one touchand how to maximize the potential of your mobile phone , you are in the right place.

In this way, the question arises, are there Alcatel OneTouch secret codes? The answer is yes. Below, you can find an extensive list of these tricks. We invite you to continue reading our article, since here we offer you such information. Also, we will explain, in detail, how to use it and get the most out of it. You can even enter recovery mode and Alcatel engineer mode.

Alcatel secret codes call a hidden menu, which is used to configure specific things on the phone . It is important to take into account that these are very delicate, that is why it is necessary to read the steps that we must follow very well. In addition, what each option is for, thus preventing vital functions of the Smartphone from being affected, such as video. It may even happen that your team does not go beyond the logo.

What are the secret codes available for the Alcatel One Touch?

Within the options to configure that these devices have, there is a hidden menu that you can use in the One Touch version, as if they were Alcatel secret codes. In the case of such a phone, there are several tricks in order to get into a source code.

One of the most used is *#06#*. This is to verify and know the IMEI of the mobile in question. If you want to factory reset the phone, with the Alcatel secret code *#2886#* you can do it.

  • Others could be to know the Android version. *#837#*.
  • If you want to know if your Alcatel-Lucent company cell phone is unlocked or locked. Use ###765*08#

How are these secret codes added?

In such a case of not knowing how to activate these tricks. Usually many keys are used. However, if you want to access the hidden menu of the IMEI Alcalte-Lucent mobile phone, you must go to the calls section and place this type of Hardware. Then you will have to call and the trick will be activated automatically, either the Alcatel engineer mode or any of the Alcatel secret codes.

Is it safe to use Alcatel One Touch secret codes?

Due to the diversity of tasks that can be carried out such as videos or source code, mobile telephone equipment has become essential tools for all its users. Making this an element that can be used by people in order to simplify most of their routine activities, and to be indispensable in communications.

These facilities lead users to look for methods that allow them to take full advantage of each of the functions of their Android devices. And Alcatel secret codes offer unique possibilities, in addition to providing us with greater knowledge of what our mobile operating system can do.

One of the uses that these Alcatel secret codes grant is to serve as an informative element. This oriented in the state in which the mobile is located. Allowing to see aspects of the hardware components, or even those of the Software, such as the version of the operating system and other data related to the update and the Alcatel engineer mode.

In addition, there are certain tricks that grant access to detailed and specific elements of your device. Taking as an example those used in the configuration or development of source code. These perform additional functions, such as freeing up additional space on the device or being able to access diagnostic settings.

These Alcatel secret codes even allow you to make copies. Also, from serving as a diagnostic element, to offering additional space, of course, in case your files suffer any damage. Where all information must be backed up before carrying out a process as delicate as doing a factory reset on your mobile device.

We hope that our article will be useful in answering the question, what are they and how to use Alcatel OneTouch secret codes? 

How to access the hidden menu on an Alcatel One Touch cell phone?

On some mobile devices, the tricks to enter some sections are different, you can find them by watching tutorial videos. This is because both hardware and software are different. The easiest way that you can use to go and enter the Alcatel secret codes and thus go to the hidden menu, is by going to calls. In this way, you must put the corresponding numbers and that’s it .

How to enter ‘Engineer Mode’ on an Alcatel device?

Another one that is used for the configurations of mobiles of this brand is the Alcatel engineer mode function . This is used in order to adjust functions in the event that the cell phone goes further. In the same way as the previous one, this one must be executed.

Other Alcatel devices for which secret codes work

Not only the One Touch version has these tricks. Within the same brand, there are teams that also have these Alcatel secret codes. A clear example of this are the 1S models of this company. Whose mobile can use any of those that we have already presented to you.

Another of the devices that also manage to make use of these tricks, and thus enter a hidden menu, are the Pixi versions . The Alcatel-Lucent company implies that you should not use this if you do not know how to do it.

Alcatel OneTouch Secret Codes

It is important to note that it  has great features and a very interesting functional capacity. However, if you want to take more advantage of these capabilities, we invite you to try the different codes that we can offer you, surely you will find one among all these tricks tailored to your needs, and that you will try more than once because of how useful it is. it turns out for you

List of secret codes

  1. “*#364463#”:Allows you to enter the device engineer mode to edit and configure mobile options.
  2. “*#3228#”:Performs the “factory reset” function .
  3. “*#837#”:Provides information about the Android version of the device.
  4. “*#3872#”:Completely delete call logs .
  5. “*#728#”:Access the device parameters.
  6. “###765*02#”: SaidAlcatel secret codes, Unlock the network.
  7. “*#06#”:Shows the IMEI code of the mobile device.
  8. “###765*08#”:Enter Alcatel unlock menu . If this option is enabled, it will show a notification like the following: “not available (301)”.
  9. “###765*05#”: With these secret codes Alcatel Offers the possibility to establish a new SP Lock.
  10. “###765*02#”: Adds a subnet , in the same way it allows you to see the type of device lock , for example: if it is locked by network, SIM, etc.
  11. “###765*07#”: TheseAlcatel secret codes Add or delete a subnet.
  12. “159”:It should be noted that this code only works for older devices. Allows you to unlock the keyboard.
  13. “*#000000#”:Access the “service menu” .
  14. “000000*”:Allows you to enter the secret menu.
  15. “*#364463#”: Thesehidden Alcatel secret codes are an alternative in case the previous code does not work, that is, it enters the secret menu .


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