Huawei: 7 secret codes that you should try on your cell phone

If you have a Huawei phone then you need to know these codes that can make you get more out of your equipment.

Huawei is a brand that has many quality products that help us stay connected to work, school, and our loved ones.

But there are certain codes that you can put in your computer that are very interesting and here we will tell you what they are. Keep in mind that they are all entered as if you were about to make a call but without pressing the call button, if you did them correctly, the phone will react immediately .

* # * # 0000 # * # *

This is one of the most important codes of all as it shows you all the important information about your computer. From the cell phone model you have and the hardware version you have. It even shows you the IMEI code .

* # * # 1357946 # * # *

Speaking of seeing versions, this code is almost complementary to the one we just saw, as it allows you to see the version of the EMUI you have, the Product ID and above all, the serial number of your phone .

* # * # 225 # * # *

This sends us to the calendar menu so you can see all the events that you have synchronized with your computer . Pretty straightforward and pretty fast.

* # * # 86012715 # * # *

This only shows you if the device is unlocked or not. That is, it tells you if you are using the phone and calls with the device locked or if you are using it with the device unlocked .

* # * # 947322243 # * # *

This is the “recovery” menu code where you can basically reboot the system, empty the cache partition or even erase all your data and restore factory settings .

* # * # 2846579 # * # *

With this we can enter the “ProjectMenu” where we can access :

  • Background settings
  • Veneer Informations
  • Network Information Query
  • Software Update
  • Restore Factory
  • Battery charge

* # * # 2845 # * # *

This helps us to be able to carry out tests of the system. Here we can test the sound, touch screen and screen colors. To be able to advance through tests you can use the “Volume Down” button and to see the detected faults you must press the off button .

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