Fix; if only one Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony and ZTE mobile turns off

The problem of turning off cell phones has always been a real mess, since we may be in the middle of something important and suddenly the phone turns off. In addition, many times when the phone is suddenly turned off, it could damage the motherboard of the mobile.

Such a flaw has already been presented by various phone brands. Some Samsung S Series models even have heat-up faults and discharge quickly . However, this problem can be solved and in this article we will show you how you can do it.

How to Solve if Only a Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony and ZTE Mobile Turns Off


  • How to fix it on Huawei phones?
  • How to fix it on Xiaomi phones?
  • How to fix it on LG phones?
  • How to fix it on HTC?
  • Solution for Sony cell phones
  • Solution for ZTE cell phones

How to fix it on Huawei phones?

This failure usually occurs in Huawei due to a battery problem and not due to a motherboard problem. What happens in these cases is that if the phone has already been used for how many years of use and you have not changed the battery, it will discharge quickly.

This is what we call dummy charge since even if the device says that it is 100% charged, this will not be the true percentage of the battery. In this case, the only solution that exists is to change the battery of the phone as soon as possible.

Since if you continue to use the cell phone like this with only the charger and it has a built-in battery, the screen and the cell phone touch may be damaged. Apart from this problem, another problem is that of sudden temperature change. If the phone is not at suitable temperatures, the phone will turn off to avoid changes that affect the hardware .

How to fix it on Xiaomi phones?

That this happens on Xiaomi phones is actually very strange. However, what you can be sure of is that it is not a serious problem. Xiaomi phones come with an on and off control and in this case this function may be activated.

So just put in the settings finder “Off and on” look for the programming function of shutdown and if it is active deactivate it. It may also turn off due to how hot the processor is, so that it is not damaged it automatically turns off . So just wait for the phone to cool down and use it again.

How to fix it on LG phones?

The best practice for all LG phones is to factory reset all phone settings. Since if you changed some of the settings on the cell phone, it may restart because of that.

So go to “settings” then to the “General” section then “backup”, “Factory data reset” and finally to reset phone and delete everything. It is also highly recommended to do a Hard Reset .

How to fix it on HTC?

The first thing you should check on this phone is if its sleep mode is activated since it is a function that could easily be activated. To deactivate it go to settings, screen> gestures and check the screen timeout. Also turn off the phone when you put it to charge so that it charges well.

Solution for Sony cell phones

The most common thing about Sony phones is that their battery is damaged since in fact the phones of this brand are very good. If you have a trusted family member, friend or coworker, you can borrow their battery and test if it is the battery. In case the phone keeps turning off with another battery, it would not be because of a configuration . So you should take it to a technical service.

Solution for ZTE cell phones

In the case of ZTE, this problem may occur due to a boot-loop. A boot-loop can be caused due to an error in the ROM, such a problem is almost always solved by doing a custom ROM change .

Or it can be turned off because the memory is up to the limit, in that case you would only have to clear the cache data of the phone . If this doesn’t work, take the phone to a technician.


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