Fix Error Loading at 99%’ and does not start in the MEMU Play emulato

If you have problems with the MEMU Play emulator not loading, then you should read the following guide in which we show you how to fix or repair the ‘Loading at 99%’  error , an error that prevents the MEMU Play emulator from starting .

One of the best Android emulators, MEMU Play

Currently there are many Android emulators. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but if what you want is to play, certainly MEMU Play is positioned as  one of the best .

In fact, MEMU Play is  designed specifically for gaming , which is why it has extra functions that many of the other emulators do not have. In addition, it can run on the vast majority of computers and runs very efficiently on simple computers as well as the most powerful ones.

In any case, like any Windows application, it is not without problems and an error may appear from time to time. The error ‘ Loading at 99% ‘ is one of the most common, but it can also be solved very easily in most circumstances.

Causes and solutions to fix ‘Loading at 99%’ error in MEMU Play

Loading problems are undoubtedly one of the most common errors in emulators. Unfortunately this error is also present in what is one of the best Android emulators out there, MEMU Play. Either way, here are some possible reasons and the  simplest solutions  to fix this problem.

MEMU Play download file was not downloaded properly

There is a possibility that the MEMU Play installation file  was not downloaded correctly . It is uncommon for this to be the cause, since when something like this happens it is usual for an error to appear at the time of installation.

Either way, there is a chance that there are no errors during the installation and the program appears to start normally. Given this, it is worth trying to  download MEMU Play again  in case you have the error of ‘Loading at 99%’.

Understanding everything shown before, proceed to  download the latest version of the Android Memu emulator , in many cases this solves the problem ‘Loading at 99%’ of the emulator. In addition, by having the latest version, you make sure to solve other problems that could hinder the experience.

Virtualization is not enabled

You may not know it, but virtualization is  essential for Android emulation , in fact, this principle is also fulfilled with what for many is the  best lightweight Android emulator for PC  (Bluestacks). Indeed both MEMU Play and Bluestacks require virtualization to function properly.

In fact, practically all Android emulators work through virtualization options. For this reason, it is necessary to  enable virtualization (VT) on your system . Although the process may seem complicated, it certainly is not, so we encourage you to try this before trying other solutions.

Outdated video drivers

Undoubtedly the drivers are essential for the correct functioning of all the applications that we use in Windows. The error ‘Loading at 99%’ can occur when  the system drivers are out of date . This most commonly happens with the video driver.

For all the aforementioned, it is essential that you know how to  update your PC’s graphics card drivers  and  carry out the pertinent update  in case they are old drivers. In addition to being able to solve the error with MEMU Play, helping the computer to have stability, since updating the drivers usually fixes problems and improves some functions.

Although we focus on the graphics drivers, undoubtedly  updating all the PC drivers  is something that is recommended to be done constantly. Therefore, if you  update the video drivers , you can also choose to keep the rest of the drivers up to date.


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