Skin regeneration after winter

The appearance of the skin after winter is not satisfactory? There are many reasons for the poor condition of the skin after winter. A large temperature difference between the air outside and in heated rooms, warm and thick clothes or, finally, care errors – this weakens the skin’s natural defenses, damages its lipid barrier and dries. Dry skin loses radiance and elasticity, becomes limp.

The skin does not look good after winter. It is gray, thick and rough. It will take some time before we manage to bring her to order.

After months, when the short days did not encourage physical activity, it was pleasant to snack, we suddenly notice that centimeters have increased in the waist or hips, fat folds appeared and cellulite became visible . So you have to take solid care to reveal a beautiful and shapely body soon.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to moisturize the skin after winter?
  2. How to smooth the skin after winter?
  3. How to shape your skin after winter?

When planning a spring renewal program, you must be patient. You need 4-5 weeks to notice the effect of your efforts. First of all, remember the role of peeling – exfoliation of dead skin cells not only immediately improves the condition of the skin, but also prepares the body for further treatments – moisturizing, slimming and anti-cellulite.

So use shower scrub gels on a daily basis, which gently remove the epidermis, and once a week reach for a preparation that not only strongly exfoliates, but also has additional care properties.

How to moisturize the skin after winter?

Cosmetics that are to regenerate skin tired after winter should provide her with a set of nutrients. Especially needed are: vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin E and d-panthenol. They have a comprehensive revitalizing effect – they make the skin elastic, regulate the processes of keratinization of the epidermis, block the formation of destructive free radicals and, if necessary, neutralize their action.

Moisturizing substances are also necessary – hyaluronic acid , silk proteins or glycerin , which stays on the skin for a long time, attracting moisture from the air. A valuable ingredient is sea ​​algae – they show the ability to renew the epidermis, strengthen the walls of the vessels in the skin, improve its tone. While argan oil , oil, macadamia , avocado oil, borage oil , sea buckthorn or butter karité – not only retain moisture in the skin, but also provide many vitamins and valuable fatty acids.

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How to smooth the skin after winter?

Fighting cellulite is not easy, fortunately the choice of anti-cellulite preparations is huge. Shower gels, scrubs, balms and creams or more concentrated and stronger cheese – many companies offer a whole series of cosmetics so that the substances they contain complement each other at the stages of body care and enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

These substances are usually plant extracts, which include they raise the temperature of the skin, stimulate metabolism in its deeper layers and facilitate the breakdown of fat cells, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Their action increases the massage – smear cellulite areas with a selected preparation and massage it vigorously.

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How to shape your skin after winter?

How to get rid of unnecessary fat folds? Cosmetics that help the removal of metabolic products from the subcutaneous tissue will help. Such draining properties have, among others extracts of citrus, chestnut and caffeine .

Oxygenating balms with coenzyme Q10 are also excellent . It is a compound that provides energy to cells – it accelerates cell metabolism, improves skin elasticity and restores its nice color, and in combination with vitamin C has a strong oxygenating effect. This type of cosmetic is not enough to spread on the skin, you need to massage it vigorously for several minutes. The massage revives the microcirculation, so active substances penetrate deeper into the skin.

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