Have you always wondered what the difference is between Body Lotion and Body Butter? If you know the ingredients of the different creams and you know your own skin type, you will enjoy the benefits of your ideal skin care. Read on and discover the differences between Body Lotion and Body Butter, so that you will soon know which body care suits your body best.

What is Body Lotion?
Body Lotion consists of a combination of water and oils. Did you know that this combination is not easy to make at all? These two substances are difficult to bind, so they may separate after a few hours or even after a few weeks. In short, if you buy a Body Lotion, make sure that you buy the right formula, so you can be sure of top quality and long-lasting effect.

What is Body Butter?
Body Butter can be made with different ingredients, but it usually consists of a combination of oils and butters and sometimes beeswax is added.

The difference between Body Lotion and Body Butter

# 1 | Skin type
Due to the combination of ingredients in Body Butter, this body care is ideal for people who suffer from dry to very dry skin. Body Butter provides more intensive hydration than Body Lotion. Body Lotion is ideal for people with normal to dry skin for daily body care.

If you have sensitive skin, it is better to use a Body Lotion. A Body Butter can clog your pores faster. Are you pregnant? Then Body Butter is an ideal body care for your belly. It keeps the abdominal skin hydrated and elastic, ideal for preventing stretch marks.

# 2 | Substance
Body Lotion is lighter than Body Butter and feels a little less greasy, because it contains less oils. Body Butter is a somewhat heavier product and can leave a greasy feeling because it contains more oils. You therefore need less Body Butter than Body Lotion when taking care of your skin.

# 3 | Absorption through the skin
Body Lotion is absorbed faster by the skin, where Body Butter takes a little longer here. This is due to the difference in ingredients and effect. This also means that you can use Body Lotion more often (faster in a row) than Body Butter.

# 4 | Extra protection
Some ingredients in Body Butter provide a protective layer on the skin, for example beeswax and cocoa butter. This addition, but also the entire composition of Body Butter, is ideal in colder weather, because the skin will burst faster. Do not apply Body Butter on your face again, as this can clog your facial pores.

Which product do you use?

Which product you ultimately use also depends very much on your personal preferences. One uses Body Butter mainly in winter and switches to Body Lotion in summer. The other does not like the somewhat greasy feeling and prefers to always use Body Lotion.

A good option is a combination of the two. For example, use the Body Butter once a week and use the lotion or body gel the other days of the week. This way you enjoy optimal body care throughout the week and you benefit from the benefits of both!

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