6 Facts About Self Restraint And Self Control You Must Know

Self restraint is simply defined as the ability to control your bad intentions and habits.The importance of self control is very good topic now a days.we will discuss in this article about the values and importance of self restraint.

  • Man comes into this world with some passions and feelings. These are a part and parcel of his animal nature and point out his affinity with the lower animals.But in him there is also an innate desire to rise above the animal in him. It is this which is at the root of all his greatness. In the satisfaction of this desire he meets with a great obstacle in the form of his inborn passions and propensities. Here begins his struggle with his passions.
  • He is also a social being, in the midst of a society. But life in society is a life of checks and counter-checks, of give and take. Uncharted liberty has no place in social life. He must consider for others if he wants that others should consider for him.

Why self restraint Succeeds Facts You Must Know

  • Man also finds by personal experience that unbridled passions only end in misery and vexation. They may give him momentary thrill or exhilaration, but they invariably end in pain and suffering.
  • So his innate desire to rise above the animal in him, his prudence as a social being and his own personal bitter experience all tell him to curb his passions and feelings and to restrain himself.-This is why restraint is praised by all.
  • Now this restraint takes three forms, physical, intellectual and moral, from the fact that man is a combination of body, mind and soul. The development of men depends upon the harmonious balancing or control of all these three factors.
  • The child, the lunatic and men under sway of inordinate passion require physical restraint, because in all these cases the mind which controls the body is in a deranged state. Sometimes some men also are put under physical restraint by the will of an authority under the sway of passion (as for example, cruel government restraining men by police or military force). In any case there is the loss of reason, due to natural jr abnormal because,it may be in us, or in others.
  • Mind also requires restraint to think and ponder and gain equilibrium. Presence of mind is nothing but an adequate control of mind. Poets, philosophers, scientists and thinkers as well as men of action must possess this intellectual restraint or concentration of mind if they want to do anything useful.
  • Then there is the moral restraint or the conquest of passions and feelings. In the East self-restraint has been highly spoken of, because it alone can lead men to a life of contemplation and joy. The absence of self-restraint has wrecked many lives in spite of other brilliant qualities.
  • There are various ways of learning how to restrain ourselves. Tradition, good company, examples, and education teach us to control ourselves. Perpetual vigilance is the price of self control.
  • Conclusion.-Restraint being so important in life, it should be practised from very early age. Once our faculties are hardened the task becomes difficult.

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