10 Facts,Why High School Friends Are Always True Friends

High school friends And High school classmates are always Pure friends.It Has universally acknowdleged that this school friendship is realiable.We will discuss reasons and facts why this friendship is long lasting.

  • High School friends are as old as the school-teaching itself, in the West the credit of transferring the traditional teaching of the home, the shop and the social surrounding to school­master-teaching properly so called belongs to Greece and in Greece itself we read of one of the earliest instance of school friendship. Boys at an impressionable age are thrown together into one another’s company for a certain number of hours and it is but natural that they shall choose some of them as their intimate companions.
  • This friendship has its origin either in some passing fascination which one boy exercises over the other or in the admiration for superior talent or in the participation of some common danger or misfortune.

Here Are Some Universal facts Why High School Friends Are Always Best

  • It is more or less romantic in character. The innate romance which is in the heart of every man, fed by the reading of romances and novels, finds it earliest expression in this boyish attachment. Where there is co-education this friendship takes the form of calf-love which however seldom ends in marriage. School-friendship is noted for the exuberance of sentiment, emotional abandon and sacrifice.
  • It has its dark and bright sides. It often causes serious distraction and has been the cause of the intellectual and moral ruin of some boys. But it develops the imagination and other emotional faculties, and teaches them self-sacrifice; and the joy with which their hearts are filled makes the school-life brighter and more cheerful and adds interest to the dull routine-work. Many a dull boy has been inspired by the superior examples of the talented friends and profited hugely.
  • Great care should therefore be taken in the choice of friends, because on them depends to some extent our weal or woe. It has been said.
  • ‘Tis thus that on the choice of friends Our good or evil name depends. (Guy)
  • But this friendship which seems so beautiful and permanent in the halcyon days of early youth, generally does not survive the wear and tear of lime. Many a warm friend has turned* into a cold stranger in later life. This is due mainly to three_ reasons. Very little is known of the likes and the dislikes, tastes and temperament, character and conduct of each other when two boys enter into friendship with each other.
  • In after life they are found to be poles apart. Secondly, they have very little experience of the world. When they begin to feel the cramping effect of worldly prudence and become narrow and selfish, the irrational exuberance on which school-friendships are based, wither away. Thirdly, there,is perhaps no biological necessity of such friendship and it withers away in time. This is probably the reason why school-friendship has not yet found its poet.
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