10 Importance of Using Examples In Life Especially During Talking

Here we will discuss importance of using examples in our daily life.Example influence much in our talking and relations.Man lives to learn. Various are the ways through which he is continually learning. He learns by practical experience, he learns by example of these learning by example seems to be the easiest and most impressive. What appeals to the eye and the ear is easily understood and remembered.

  • Man is a born imitator. He is more or less impressed by the speech, ways, manners, gestures, practice and thoughts of men around him. He is in one sense always imitating or following the examples of others with whom he comes into contact.
  • But this imitation is for the most part unconscious and spontaneous. Slowly and silently impressions are made without his knowledge, but they at last possess his character and have far-reaching effects. This is true of both good and bad impressions. Hence the need of placing good examples before young persons.

Importance of Using Examples: This Is What Professionals Do

  • Though unconscious imitation is always going on and though it influences his character, yet the full force of example is obtained only when it is consciously and deliberately followed. Then he can choose and select and thereby save his mental energy from being diverted to any and every kind of imitation. Moreover what is deliberately followed is always more intensive than what comes spontaneously. When we choose a thing we do it according to our taste and bent of mind and this helps us to profit more by examples.
  • A certain seriousness of mind, a certain     capacity  for appreciation and some amount of culture and perseverance are necessary to profit by good examples.
  • Unfortunately there are some men who are    so mean  and ungenerous that they fail to appreciate anything high and noble. ‘The mean admires what is mean as the toad admires nothing but a toad’. In Dickens’ novel Barnaby Rudge it is said of Dennis the Langan that he could admire nothing but a man’s neck. The altitude of nil mirage is a menace to society. On such men good examples are thrown away because you cannot make a silk-purse out of a sow’s ear.
  • The examples which we deliberately follow should be noble and noble examples are set by good men. Hence the necessity of being in the company of great souls.
  • But it is not always possible to be in the company of good men. The next best thing is to profit by reading their biographies.
  • The necessity of placing good examples before young men is very great. Examples are better than precepts and they impress plastic minds easily and powerfully. Truly has Burke said “Example is the school of mankind and they will learn from no other.
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