Great Essay On They Never Fail Who Die In A Great Cause

Yes They Never Fail Who Die In A Great Cause.This is universally truth quote.In this article we will discuss why great cause never ends.

  • There is something in man who will not allows him to rest content with meat and drink, but will prompt him to yearn after that which he has not got. This aspiration for something higher and nobler is the essence of human life. In every man there is this aspiration or ideal but the higher the man the nobler is the ideal.
  • The ideal will always remain unrealised, yet the divine discontent in man always goads him to strive after the ideal. Life is an endless search after it. But not only is the ideal unattainable, its path is also beset with dangers and difficulties. Ridicule, insult and mishaps dog their course. So many who go out in search of it drop down on the way, never to reach the promised land. Many are called but few chosen.

The Secrets To They Never Fail Who Die In A Great Cause

  • Are we to think that those who fall on the way in their attempt to realise a noble cause are lost? Is their energy wasted? Nothing would be more tragic for men than to think so. Men would grovel in the dust and will never care to look up if they are convinced that in case of their failure, everything is lost. Fortunately it is not so.
  • Physical science teaches us that no energy is ever lost-it is only turned into a different form. That being so, human energy which is spent in striving alter an ideal cannot be lost.
  • Credit lies in striving and not in attaining. The real criterion by which a man should be judged is the nature of the endeavour he puts forth and not the amount of success he gains. His sincerity, zeal etc., these should be the object of moral judgement and not the accident of success.
  • The experience which men gel from failures stand them in good stead. For this reason failures have been called the pillars of success. They have immense value for his future career.
  • No doubt the world, which credits what is done, is cold to all that might have been. But the world’s judgement is not the final judgement on man’s action. Limited as his faculties are, how much correctly can a man judge? But God who sees all judges the real worth of men and in divine judgement stress is laid on.
  • All that I could not be All that men ignored in me.
  • For these reasons it is well said that they never fail who fall in a great cause. What they gain by failure is often so rich that life would have been imperfect without it.
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