10 Importance of Good Manners In Our Life

Importance of good manners have influenced greatly in our daily life.Good manners include, morality, kindness, politeness and something cuteness in personality.

Manner is the external symbol of man’s inner nature and invariably indicates his character. His likes, his tastes, feelings, temper and the environment in which he moves are all indicated by his manners.

10 Importance of Good Manners In Our Life

Good manner should be distinguished from mere artificial rules of politeness-etiquette-which have got no great value. Yet etiquette should not be sneered at, because it often acts as a substitute for good manners. But substitutes can never claim the merit or original things.

You Must Know The Importance of Good Manners Are Real Backbone In Order To Make Man Great

  • Good manners rise from the sense of courtesy and courtesy is the product of two noble qualities, sincerity and kindliness.
  • All genuine courtesy rises from sincerity of heart. “It must be the outcome of the heart or it will make no lasting impression; for no amount of polish can dispense with truthfulness. The natural character must be allowed to appear, freed from its angularities and asperities. Without genuineness and individuality human life would lose much of its freshness, much that makes it interesting”.
  • “True courtesy is kind. It seeks to contribute to the happiness of others, and to refrain from anything that may annoy or injure them. It is greatful as well as kind, and readily acknowledges kind acts or kind intentions”.
  • Good manners teach men to be considerate towards the failings and foibles of others. They will not do anything which may offend, wound or injure another person.
  • A man of good manners is also humble and modest. He does not parade his learning, nor boasts of his rank and achieve­ments. “He exhibits his character in performing rather than in boasting, in doing rather than in talking”.
  • The criterion by which good manners are judged is the ease or perfect spontaneity with which they clothe people. There is nothing got up in men of real good manners. Everything is perfectly free, easy and spontaneous about them.
  • Education, environment, company and tradition help in the , formation of good manners. It is within the reach of every man. A man may not have the means to educate himself out there is no justification for his having no good manners.
  • By neglecting good manners and learning and manners a man not only offends others, but brings ruin upon himself. It is frequently seen that a less qualified but amiable person gets the better of a more qualified but ill-mannered rival of course there may be men of bad manners with good heart, but he will be more agreeable and successful if he try to learn manners.

Final Conclusion.

Good manners being so important should be learnt by us. They reveal the inner man and their presence or absence makes or mars our career.

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