Secrets in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

A selection of easter eggs, tips and tricks in the game

Having moved to a full-fledged open world, the fifth part of Metal Gear Solid not only significantly increased the number of gameplay mechanics, but also acquired a whole ton of secrets of various stripes: from Easter eggs to important game elements.

Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

  • If you destroy the radar at an enemy outpost, a helicopter landing zone will become available nearby.
  • Penetrating enemy PB, in addition to standard resources, you can take out nuclear warheads. They are located at the very edge of the first tier of the main platform.
  • Additional missions to evacuate soldiers from the old base are easiest to complete with one non-trivial method. Having found the target, put on the box and move towards it. Once next to you, the mercenary will remember the legendary hero, salute and stop resisting.
  • In a head-on collision with the Skulls (especially in missions on Extreme difficulty), the surest weapon against them will be the BRENNAN sniper rifle, the damage of which is comparable to any rocket launcher.
  • Having played a tape with the sounds of diarrhea through the speakers in the enemy toilet, no one will bother you there. In a similar way, you can scare off the guards by recording a bearish roar.
  • The developed weapons for the D-Walker can be installed while in the VTsU by selecting the change partners in the iDroid. Helicopter body kits are also installed there.
  • After completing the game and reaching a certain level of development of the base, the development of a bandana will become available, the last upgrade of which will make both cartridges and a silencer endless.
  • Mission statistics do not include crew deaths caused by the destruction of their vehicles.
  • Some soldiers continue to shoot with pistols while lying on the ground, even when mortally wounded.
  • By disabling the ability “Rapid” in the menu, at the end of the task you will receive an additional 10,000 points.
  • Enemy vehicles painted red have increased defense and damage.
  • The resources taken out from the enemy PB on your own remain with you, regardless of the result of the penetration.
  • The Russian and Afrikaans voice lines are not translated using subtitles until you obtain the appropriate translator.
  • With a water pistol, you can disable enemy communication devices as quietly as possible.
  • On the PC version, you can add your own music to The Phantom Pain (CustomSoundtrack folder in the game directory).
  • Stunned soldiers, even in a shallow body of water, can drown.
  • The game has a hidden system of karma. By committing immoral acts such as killing animals and wounded soldiers, Snake accumulates Demon Points. In the late demonic stage, the hero will be covered with indelible blood, and his horn will become much longer. The surest way to personally see such a state is to develop a nuclear bomb.

Easter eggs and unusual moments

  • There is a video in the game in which the employees of your base react hilariously to the smelly Big Boss. In order to bring the hero to such a state as soon as possible, climb into the trash can and use a phantom cigar.
  • Quiet can add a little piquancy to the scene with smelly Snake, if you have a sniper in your partner when you return to base (100% communication required).
  • Another secret associated with Tikhonya. If at the moment of returning with her to the base it is raining, and the level of communication is at least 60%, then there is a chance to see one of the most beautiful scenes in the game.
  • After specifying the date of birth at the beginning of the game and returning to the main base in real time that day, you can see a cut-scene in which the Diamond Dogs fighters threw a surprise party.
  • After receiving reports of brawls at the main base, visit the Battle Squad platform for a spectacular re-education scene of troublemakers.
  • In additional mission # 112, the evacuation target is Hideo Kojima. By the way, he can be recruited at the beginning of the game by exporting the save from Ground Zeroes, where a similar task was completed.
  • In the prologue, you can find a glued-on Ground Zeroes poster.
  • A secret dialogue can be heard while saving Miller in Phantom Limbs. The moment Kaz asks Snake to say the magic words, press the action button to say them.
  • In the story, players will cross with Ocelot a couple of times at the main base. Take advantage of this moment and try to shoot him with a tranquilizer to observe an interesting reaction.
  • If you destroy a helicopter with Ocelot on board in the mission “Metal Archaea”, then you will be considered defeated due to a time paradox, since The Phantom Pain is a prequel, and Ocelot is a participant in chronologically later events from the previous parts of the game.
  • The avatar you created in the hospital can be seen in the barely noticeable reflection of Snake while he is sitting in his helicopter (VCU).
  • At the moment of the first meeting with Eli, on his table you can see a rotten pig’s head, referring to the novel “Lord of the Flies”.
  • If you stand on the main platform of your base near the yellow poster informing about the repair work, then a box will fall on your head.
  • In the mission “Voices” you can find a tape recorder, the audio recording of which refers to PT
  • In the mission “Surrounded by Silence (Extreme)” Quiet will be dressed in the form of Sniper Wolf, the heroine of the first part of the series.
  • Having pumped the base to a certain level of development, you can find the Groove on the medical platform. Read more here.
  • Perhaps the rarest secret cut-scene in the game is the bonus ending related to the disposal of nuclear waste. Some players argue that to get it, you need to destroy about 15 stolen bombs, others say that this should be done by the whole gaming community.
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