How to save: learn how to cut expenses on a daily basis!

It is not today that the economy is a priority in most homes. Wiping bills and spending, especially in times of crisis, is a daily task that occurs in small daily habits. But how to save even more?

It is necessary to pay attention to what is really needed and what can be discarded. In most cases, they are habits and practices that can be eliminated or circumvented with investments that will optimize spending. In this post, you will check some daily habits that can help you identify how to save more! Check out.

4 habits to cut and save at the end of the month

1) Buy water at the market

That water is an indispensable item in our daily lives, this is nothing new. It is also a fact that  quality water  is extremely important and this makes some habits commonplace. Buying water is an example of this. At first, it may seem interesting the idea of ​​obtaining quality water and be sure of it, but the truth is that there are other (much more economical!) Ways to consume water with good origin.

Water purifiers are the greatest example of this. Through an initial investment – for the purchase of the device -, you guarantee purified and chilled water with excellent retention of particles and chlorine. In addition, some models even have  technology that adds minerals to the water,  further increasing its quality.

A purifier with a filter capacity of 5,000 liters of filtered water saves the purchase of 500 gallons of 10 liters of water. The cost-benefit of this exchange is excellent!

2) Leave the devices plugged in!

Remember all the times that you turned off devices by the remote control and did not remove them from the outlet; also remember the times that you left your phone plugged into the charger even after the battery was recharged. Did you know that these habits can increase numbers on your energy bill?

A good tip, to make this more practical, is to unplug those equipment that we do not use frequently in our daily lives. After all, it’s hard to remember to unplug all the devices every time we use them, right? Stereos, microwaves, monitors and printers are some of these examples. It may seem minimal, but, coupled with other habits, the savings are significant.

3) Go to the market without a list

The worst things to do are: go to the market without a list and go to the market hungry. The second does not require further explanation, but the first is very important to prevent you from losing your focus on shopping. Without a list, you risk not only buying what you don’t need, but also forgetting to buy what you needed. So always make your shopping list in advance (and remember not to include gallons of water!).

4) Sleeping with the television on

Many people need the sounds of television to fall asleep. But the problem lies when one is not in the habit of using the sleep function   Sleep and leave the television running – until dawn or the time you wake up at night – consumes enough electricity to increase your bill at the end of the month.

There is no problem with falling asleep with the device on. But be sure to schedule it to turn off after a while. And be careful: if you know it takes about 30 minutes to fall asleep, it is also not wise to schedule the shutdown for 2 hours later.

As you may already know, expenses are in every room in the house: from the kitchen to the laundry room. The good news is that savings are possible in all of them!

One thing is common to all houses: washing clothes. The habit of washing the parts is part of the weekly routine and is one of the household chores that can consume more water if not given due attention. In times of summer and water rationing, any and all waste must be avoided, for the sake of the environment and our own pocket.

 It is also known that, often, optimizing the use of water on a daily basis can be a challenging task. In many cases, we don’t even know where to start. That’s why we at Latina have prepared this post with some tips to help you reduce water consumption when washing your clothes! Check out.

Learn how to save water when washing clothes!

Don’t overdo the soap

The logic is simple and you probably have already had this experience: the more soap we use, the more difficult it is to remove it from your clothes. Numerous rinses are needed and, thus, the use of water is only increasing. The ideal is that you pay attention to the guidelines of the soap you use: the quantities should always be proportional to the volume of laundry to be washed.

Reuse the water

At the end of the wash, many people discard the water used because they think it is useless. But this is a big mistake that has been overcome recently. It is possible to use the water for washing clothes for a number of other tasks. Washing the yard or the sidewalk are just some of them! You can also use it to wash your car and even flush the toilet.

Pay attention to the consumption of the machine

A very important factor is the water consumption that the machine requires. When looking for a washing machine, it is very important that you always note two details: water consumption and electricity consumption. Search, among the models with the same washing capacity, which has the best numbers on the Inmetro seal. In addition to energy and water consumption, observe the washing efficiency, as it is also on the seal.

Join more pieces

A big waste of water is to divide the clothes into smaller washes. Most laundry washes do not offer the ability to dose the amount of water according to the amount of clothes, causing people to end up using more water than is necessary for small quantities. This is no longer the case with semi-automatic washers, which allow for some manual adjustments. If you are in the habit of washing small portions at a time, you may want to consider such a washer. Otherwise, the best way is to wait to accumulate the volume for a wash with the maximum capacity of the machine.


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