The Neurobiological Basis of Dyslexia

Parents today in general are concerned about how they can provide their kids with better knowledge and education. Kids learn to read, write and understand basic concepts and words and spellings that help them gain better knowledge. However, learning disorders like dyslexia can become a challenge mainly because it affects the areas of the brain that process language. While people and kids with dyslexia have normal intelligence and vision they have difficulty reading because they have problems identifying speech sounds and decoding words and letters.

Early assessment and intervention are the best way to resolve dyslexia the right way since there is no cure. Various neuropsychological researches have highlighted the fact that the main challenge to kids unable to learn words and read is phonological in nature. Hence, you can find various reading programs for dyslexia that focus on phoneme awareness and linking letters and phonemes through reading and writing texts. This would ensure that you can make the most of the resources you have to provide your child with better learning and reading options. To ensure that you choose the right programs you need to evaluate them based on what they have to offer

One of the myths related to the diagnosis of dyslexia is that parents believe that their kids will never be able to learn or read. However, that is not true and the diagnosis only means that your kid will require special care and attention to read and decode words. Various kids have different needs and therefore you need to look for reading programs that cater to those needs. The program you choose must understand the strengths of your child’s learning capabilities and use that to make your child learn and read. With early intervention and using the right learning strategies, your child can naturally overcome those challenges.

When it comes to reading skills, every child has to have the right phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and phonics and reading comprehension skills. Most dyslexic students have one of these factors missing and that is what the reading program has to work on. Hence, even before you choose these reading programs it is important to know the learning strengths of the child and the missing factor that needs to be worked upon. Various dyslexia reading programs are designed to make use of multisensory techniques to ensure that the child has to use as many senses as possible to learn words and read and write.

With the advent of the internet and modern technology, things have become easier for kids as they have the freedom and flexibility to learn how to read and decode words online. The program is designed to gradually build confidence and introduce more words to the kids. Also, the online reading programs today make use of word games that make the entire process interactive and fun allowing the child to participate willingly. The program also makes use of assistive technology like text-to-speech software and audiobooks that dyslexic students can download and listen to as and when they prefer.

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