What Is Satire All About;Types,Elements And Form

Social networks, media and newspapers are informing about the word satire on a daily basis. In generally, we understand that satire means making fun with sarcasm , irony and  comedy in a show.In Literature,The Satire represents a literary style in verse or prose used to criticize political institutions, morals, habits and customs.In short satire is the use of humor, irony,exaggeration or ridicule to criticize people’s stupidity or vices.It is a way of making us realize that how silly or bad things are,often by making us laugh at them.”The satirist is an offended idealist: he wants a good world, but the world is bad and therefore he lashes out against what is bad”.Satire, by definition, is against power. Against all power.  It must be against all power.

Satire And Humor

Satire, their main content, is usually defined as the type of humor which holds up some individual or social vice,, or error to ridicule, usually with the purpose of bringing about social reform or improvement.From ancient times, humor has been the subject of a highly serious debate. The results have been diverse and contradictory. Docs humor arise from emotional sickness or health, from anxiety or confidence, from friendly or hostile feelings?.

There are many types of satire techniques,including exaggeration and irony.A parody is an exagerated copy of person,song and film.The secound sort of technique is irony.Verbal irony is a way of emphasing folly or vice by deleberatley it in a way that is different to the actual meaning.It is a targeted attack meant to expose human vice or folly in order to bring change.

Elements of Satire;

  • Irony
  • sarcasm
  • pun
  • slapstic
  • travesty
  • juxtaposition
  • foil
  • parody
  • understatement
  • Anachronism

Forms of Satire

  • Drama,
  • Journalism
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Graphic Arts
  • Television programs.

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