Genshin Impact: All Team Elements

We show you the complete list of elemental reactions and combos that can be performed in Genshin Impact, as well as what are the elemental consonances that are formed in your team of characters.


  1. The 7 types of elements
  2. How do elemental combos work?
  3. List of all Elemental Reactions and combos
  4. Types of Elemental Consonances

In the Genshin Impact combats the 7 elemental powers have a very important presence. Each character masters one type of element and we can combine several in a way that results in very useful reactions and combos to defeat enemies. In this entry of our complete guide we show you the complete list of elemental reactions and what are the team consonances that exist.

The 7 types of elements

Before getting into the subject, let’s quickly clarify what the 7 elements or powers of Genshin Impact are and what each one is for:


  • Anemo: itis the element of the wind.
  • Cryo: itis the element of ice.
  • Dendro: itis the element of nature.
  • Electro:is the element of lightning.
  • Geo: itis the element of the earth.
  • Hydro:is the element of water.
  • Pyro: itis the element of fire.

How do elemental combos work?

One way to take advantage of the powers of the characters is to combine their elements during combat to create altered states in enemies.

  • In a game like Genshin Impact, you will quickly realize that in battles it is very beneficial to change from one character to anotherto alternate between their abilities and take advantage of what is known as elemental reactions.
  • You can do this both alone and with the help of friends in multiplayer .
  • The side effects of these reactions are nothing more than the combination that is created by joining elementsof different types and their affinities .

To give an example to understand it; If you wet an enemy and then electrocute him, he will take a lot of damage. It’s a great combo attack. In turn, if you attack an ice enemy with the Pyro element, it will be greatly affected. All these natural reactions and combos will give you an advantage in combat and therefore it is important to know them.

List of all Elemental Reactions and combos

Next we are going to show you the complete list of elemental reactions and combos that exist in Genshin Impact, you will be able to see what the name of the reaction is and with what type of powers it is created.

Elemental Reaction Combined elements Effects edit
Mud Geo + Hydro Slows enemy movement as well as attack speed.
Crystallize Geo + Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro Spawns corresponding elemental shards that provide shields, reducing elemental damage taken.
Melt Cryo + Pyro Deals bonus damage. The attack will deal x2 damage if Pyro is the trigger or x1.5 damage if Cryo is the trigger.
Shatter Geo + Cryo Increases the chances of making a critical attack.
Electric charge Electro + Hydro Deals ongoing Electro damage for a period of time.
Thorn Geo + Dendro Inflict bleeding on enemies and create sharp traps that deal damage.
Dust Geo + Anemo Hit the enemies.
Burn Dendro + Pyro Deals continued Pyro damage for a period of time.
Overload Electro + Pyro Creates an explosion that deals Pyro AoE damage (area damage) and breaks Geo shields.
Superconductor Cryo + Electro Deals Cryo AoE damage (area damage) and reduces the target’s defense.
Whirlwind Anemo + Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro Absorbs the first element it comes in contact with, dealing elemental damage, distributing the effect.
Vaporize Hydro + Pyro Deals elemental damage. The attack will deal x2 damage if Hydro is the trigger or x1.5 damage if Pyro is the trigger.
Poison Dendro + Hydro Deals elemental poison damage AoE (area damage).
Blizzard Cryo + Hydro Frozen targets cannot move. Fracture for Physical Damage triggers on frozen targets.

Types of Elemental Consonances

The Elemental Consonances are a type of bonus that is activated and our team receives when we have 4 characters together, that is, when the team is complete (and if there are pairs of elements between them). Each member of the team will then receive the effects of their elemental consonance corresponding to their power type.

These are the 7 Elemental Consonances of equipment:

Elemental Consonance Elements Effects edit
Fervent flames Pyro + Pyro Reduces the duration of effects with Cryo by 40%. Increases ATK by 25%.
Medicinal water Hydro + Hydro Reduces the duration of Pyro effects by 40%. Increases ATK by 25%.
Raging winds Anemo + Anemo Decreases Stamina consumption by 15%. Increasing Vel. Movement in 10%. Reduces TdE by 5%.
High voltage Electro + Electro Reduces the duration of effects with Hydro by 40%. Superconductor, Overcharge and Electrocharged have 100% to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (ToE: 5 s.)
Fragmented ice Cryo + Cryo Reduces the duration of Electro effects by 40%. Increases CRIT chance against opponents affected by Cryo or frozen enemies by 15%.
Resistant rock Geo + Geo Increase RES at interrupt. When protected by a Shield, increases ATK damage by 15%.
Protective cover Any of the 4 team members All Elemental RES + 15%.

These types of tunes and their advantages should be taken into account when specifically looking to overcome difficult challenges . For example, in the entry of the Domains, you will always be recommended a specific type of consonance or elements that you should carry. Try to create teams that combine with each other and there will be no enemy that can resist you.

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