What Is Narrative Prose In Literature With Examples

Narrative prose is the natural style of speaking and writing, with absence of musicality, rhyme, rhythm and other peculiarities of the poetic structure . It consists of the everyday conversation people use to express themselves rationally.The text in prose is objective and not very ambiguous, on a certain subject, for example.

Narrative Prose is a form of writing in which the work is written in prose, instead of poetry, and tells a definitive story through actions. Many written works are written on this form, including a large amount of literary works and more modern pieces of fiction.

What Is Narrative Prose In Literature With Examples

Stories and  essays custom writing in narrative prose may still have strong and rich characters but these characters are part of the action and are not just witnesses. Prose narrative is usually written at the time of the action and tells a story through a series of events.

Narrative is storytelling — simple, direct, transparent writing that takes the reader right to the thing that happened.

Examples of Narrative Prose

  1. Narrative Prose

Narrative prose is an essay that tells an event (fiction / nonfiction) based on a time sequence (chronologically).



There was an earthquake in the area of ​​Surabaya, East Java early this morning. This incident caused panic to the surrounding residents who are sleeping soundly. There were no casualties in this incident but some of the residents’ houses had cracks in the walls of his house.

Narrative Techniques – Narrative Ways

Narrative techniques are as follows:

– The narrator

– The kind of storytelling (ie narrative ways)

– The angle of view

– The focus

– Time of storytelling

– The narrative rate

Narrative ways are as follows :

– Narration (= telling of the story by the narrator)

– Dialogue

– Description (= description of landscapes, places and persons)

– Comments

– Free Late Logos

– Internal monologue

– Boxed narration (a minor story that is presented in the context of the main story)

Narrative ways should be distinguished from expressive ways. When we look for expressive ways, we essentially seek out what is said, the forms of speech that the narrator uses, and everything else that is related to the peculiarity of his expression.

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