Salmorejo: What it is, how it is prepared and how it differs from gazpacho

Salmorejo is a cold tomato cream designed to be consumed as a main dish in the hottest times of the year, taking into account the heat typical of the summer months in Andalusia .

Along with flamenquín , the traditional salmorejo (or cordovan salmorejo ) is one of the main representatives of Córdoba’s cuisine and one of the dishes most in demand by both the Spanish public and foreign tourists at any time of the year.

Authentic recipe: how traditional salmorejo is made

The traditional recipe for Cordovan salmorejo is simple, quick to prepare and very refreshing, and includes natural and healthy ingredients.

The main ingredients of salmorejo are the following:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ripe red tomatoes (for easy crushing and no lumps)
  • Pan de telera cordobesa (Large oval-shaped bread traditionally linked to people of humble trades)
  • Garlic clove
  • a pinch of salt

Ingredients to make a cordovan salmorejo .

In addition, once ready, it is customary to add serrano ham cut into cubes, grated egg or half a cooked egg and croutons perched on the gazpacho as a garnish and to enhance its flavor.

What is the difference between salmorejo and gazpacho?

The difference between salmorejo and gazpacho is in its ingredients and texture . Although both are tomato dishes, salmorejo does not include any other type of fruit or vegetable among its ingredients and traditional gazpacho, on the contrary, it includes cucumber and pepper.

In addition, the gazpacho carries water, which makes its consistency more liquid. While the salmorejo is a tomato cream, the gazpacho is more similar to a soup.

The thicker texture of the salmorejo makes the foods that are added as a complement (grated egg, ham …) to settle and not sink.

Ingredients to make a gazpacho .

Types of salmorejo: Can it be made with other fruits or vegetables?

Currently a multitude of gazpachos and salmorejos are made with all kinds of fruits and vegetables:

salmorejo Bruno Oteiza proposes a traditional recipe for salmorejo with tomato and breadcrumb to which he adds cherries and beets. For garnish, cherries, peanuts and basil.

Mango Salmorejo Salmorejo
recipe, with tomato and mango as the main ingredients. We accompany this cold soup with some diced monkfish and sautéed shrimp and bread croutons. A fresh summer dish made by Karlos Arguiñano.

Strawberry Salmorejo
Salmorejo is a cold tomato soup, however, this time Isma Prados prepares it with strawberries and piquillos as the main ingredients. And as a garnish a tartare with mushrooms and Serrano ham.

How salmorejo is served

Salmorejo is served directly in a bowl or deep plate (unlike gazpacho, which is often served in a jar) and is generally eaten as a first course . However, it is also common to see it as an aperitif or cover due to its refreshing function.

Salmorejo ready to serve .

Properties of salmorejo: Is it a suitable dish for a diet focused on losing weight?

Salmorejo is not a food with an excessive amount of calories but, if we are carrying out a diet focused on losing weight, we can modify the traditional recipe a little to make a light salmorejo .

In this way, we would replace traditional bread with whole grain bread that has a high percentage of fiber, turning salmorejo into a fat-burning dish , since it contains negative calorie foods .


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