Harvesting kitchen

Harvesting kitchen. It is that kitchen based on making the most of food . Reuse the leftovers to make new dishes, use parts of the food ( husks or seeds ) that would normally be thrown away, and not waste resources. Those are the basic pillars. It is also defined when the cooker adjusts to the number of diners. The idea is to use just what is needed so that you do not waste and have to throw food away.


It is about getting the most out of the ingredients, using them in multiple dishes. The kitchen of use supposes an economic saving, since with the same ingredients the recipes multiply:

  • Harnessing the peelings of vegetables and vegetables to make vegetable broth.
  • In the event that there are fish parts, such as the head, you can make fish broth or seafood rice.
  • With fish already cooked, you can make croquettes or another variant with leftover dough.
  • With ends or small portions of uncooked meat, you can prepare fast food by cutting them into pieces and mixing them with rice or pasta.
  • In the case of chicken, the options are very varied. In addition to serving to make croquettes, soups or broths. Another option is to add it to salads,
  • With leftover bread it can be grated to make breaded dishes.
  • Before the fruits get bad from overripening, it is very easy to prepare homemade jams.


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