Roasted rabbit

Conejo al salmorejo , one of those dishes with a strong flavor, picón that we have around here, perfect to accompany with wrinkled potatoes and a good wine from the north of Tenerife.


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Rabbit: benefits and properties

The proportions of the rabbit’s nutrients can vary according to the type and quantity of the meat, in addition to other factors that may intervene in the modification of its nutrients. Remember that depending on the rabbit’s preparation, its nutritional properties and characteristics may vary.

Pregnant women or nursing babies can benefit from the beneficial effects of this meat since the rabbit has a high amount of vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin. Consuming this meat can also help people with stomach problems thanks to its high amount of vitamin B12 .

  • It is a lean food, making it low in fat.
  • Recommended in low cholesterol diets, especially in cardiovascular diseases or disorders.
  • Being rich in vitamin B12, its consumption is recommended for pregnant women or during breastfeeding.
  • It helps people with stomach problems, being an easy to digest meat .
  • Low sodium content, being interesting its consumption in people with hypertension.
  • High content of potassium.
  • Rich in proteins of high biological value.
  • Recommended in weight loss diets along with chicken and turkey meat , due to its low calorie content.


  • 1 Rabbit 4 ½ lb
  • Salt
  • Garlic 6 cloves
  • Peppers
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Black pepper
  • White wine
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Laurel

Preparation method

We cut the rabbit into small pieces that we will put in a saucepan (if it is made of clay, the better), salting them slightly. To prepare the salmorejo, which is a kind of cold sauce,

Crush a tablespoon of coarse salt , garlic cloves , a tablespoon of paprika and a couple of peppers in a mortar .

After crushing until the mixture is well macerated, add a generous splash of oil and another almost equally generous of vinegar.

This salmorejo is poured over the rabbit, along with another drizzle of vinegar and a glass of white wine, plus a bay leaf and a little rosemary and thyme . All this is stirred well and it is left between four and twelve hours (to taste) for the meat to catch the taste. Then the rabbit chops are fried and transferred to a saucepan. The leftover salmorejo is heated with a little oil and poured over the rabbit. It is boiled, and our delicious dish is ready. Makes four servings


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