How to safely remove a flash drive from a computer

How often do you use the flash in your daily routine? Flashdisk is one of the portable storage media that is currently widely used. Its small size and large storage capacity makes it the preferred storage medium. Flash disk storage capacity varies from 128MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 64GB and even more. With flash, you can store various types of files ranging from text files, video, audio, images, programs and so forth.

Flashdisk is an electronic device that needs to be treated and used properly and should avoid damage to the flashdisk itself and the data it contains. Most flash drives have indicator lights that will indicate whether an operation on the flash is in progress or has been completed. For example, you shouldn’t remove (remove) the flash drive from the computer when a file from the flash is still open or the file saving process is in progress. If this is done, there will be a risk of damage or loss of data.

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The flash disk can be removed safely from the computer when the flash drive operation is complete. You can pay attention to the indicator lights on the flash. If the indicator light is still on, this means that the operation on the flash is in progress and the flash should not be removed from the computer, if the indicator light stops, the flash can be removed safely. Actually, the Microsoft Windows operating system has provided a way to safely remove the flash drive from the computer.

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Click the Show hiden icons in the form of an arrow pointing up and from the several buttons that appear, click the Safely remove hardware button (a button with a checkmark icon in a green circle with a USB connector).

From the list of devices displayed (in this example there is only one device in the form of a flash drive), click the flash drive that you want to remove from the computer.

If the USB Mass Storage Device Problem Ejecting dialog box appears, there may be an operation on the flash that has not been completed. Click the OK button, if there is a flashdisk file that is still open, close the file first or let the ongoing operation on the flashdisk complete.

Repeat the steps above, if Windows displays a Safe To Remove Hardware notification, you can safely remove the flash drive from the computer.


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