Social networks: what they are, what they are used for and how to use them

What are social networks? What are social networks for? How do you use social networks? Answering these three simple questions could be somewhat obvious for the younger ones. For those who are a little older with age, answering these three common questions may not be as easy. That’s why in this short article I will try to clarify your ideas on what they are, what they are used for, as well as how you use so-called  social networks .


social network service , commonly and inappropriately also called social network (pronounced sòcial nètuorc , from English social network service ), is a service offered through the  Internet , typically usable completely free of charge via the World Wide Web (pronounced uorld uàid ueb ) or specific applications for mobile devices , the sole purpose of which is to facilitate the management of social relationships by  allowing the communication and sharing of digital content through simple written sentences, links various, music tracks, images or even videos.


Social networks, born in the late nineties and which became much more popular in the following decade, allow users who use them to create an appropriate  user profile , to organize a list of people to stay in touch with, to publish their own flow of updates, and, if desired, access to that of others. However, it should be noted that this latter aspect depends both on the social network in question, and on the privacy options that one deliberately or not decides to use.


First of all let’s say that there is no precise rule on how to use social networks. More than anything else, in fact, it depends on the type of service one decides to use. In general, however, to become part of an online social network, you must first build your personal profile starting from fairly basic information, such as name, surname and private email address, until you then get to your interests and passions, to past work experience and related references. At this point it is therefore possible to invite your friends to be part of your virtual network, who in turn can begin to do the same,

For example, in order to use Facebook  (pronounced fèisbuc ), that is, one of the most famous social networks in existence, one simply needs to share something, such as a phrase, an image or a video, on which others can express their opinion or not through the so-called likes (to get an idea on how to create an account and, in general, on how to use Facebook , I advise you to connect here anyway  ). The same goes, roughly, also with Twitter (pronounced tuìtter ), another very famous social network, founder of the so-called  hashtags  (for more information on how to use Twitter , I still recommend you connect  here ).

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, however, there is also the less popular  Google+ (pronounced gùgol plas ), of the homonymous Google house , which basically offers more or less the same functionality as Facebook (for more information on how to use  Google+ you can consult this  page ). Of course, in addition to these, there are many other social networks, such as  Instagram ,  Pinterest , LinkedIn  and  Flickr, just to name a few, in which, in any case, the only keywords to follow are always communication, sharing and interaction with other users.

So at this point you should have finally understood both what they are , and what they are for , and, above all, how social networks are used .


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