We need to clarify and begin to understand what a guest post is . Analyzing everything, we understand that it is a post that is published on a site or blog that hosts it ( guest blog ). It is, therefore, a content that will be published on a third party site. But what are the characteristics of a perfect guest post ? We see it in detail.

Key features of a guest post

When we talk about guest posts, as mentioned, we mean content that is published on our behalf but on a third party site. It is not always written by us but, in any case, there are rules that must always be followed, especially as regards the drafting of the content itself.

This, in fact, must be as effective as possible and, therefore, there are aspects that cannot in any way be overlooked. First of all, the text must always contain an anchor text that must be useful to our site, which in this case is what is linked. Furthermore, both our site and our content must have a common thread with what is the blog that will host everything, otherwise you risk losing in terms of credibility. Finally, one must always be careful and choose a quality site on which to insert the content. Of course, the latter must also be of quality, especially in light of the fact that in recent years the contents that are not too thorough or curated are being overshadowed bysearch engines , who prefer more and more texts that are actually useful to the reader.

We talked about anchor text : what is it? Also in this case it is useful to deepen and specify. This is an element of fundamental importance, since without a anchor text a guest post is almost completely useless. We are talking about that word that is linked to our site and that appears in the text as a reference. At this point, therefore, SEO comes into play . In what way and for what purpose?

Although it may seem like just a word, anchor text is the centerpiece of a more or less successful link building campaign . There is a lot of debate about what should be the characteristics of this word and there are several schools of thought. What does it mean?

There are those who prefer a dry key which is the one with which you want to position the content and there are those who prefer the brand key , which takes the name of the site. In addition, there is also the possibility of inserting a dry- related key . There is no better choice than the others: it all depends on your intent and what your needs are. Each case is to be studied closely to choose the best anchor text.

How to make an excellent link building campaign?

At this point, one has to wonder what the job of a good SEO is in the context of a link building campaign. This must choose and select the sites with higher trust and related topic, in order to do an excellent guest posting operation . In a nutshell, by publishing our content on a site that collects public trust, our brand will also benefit a lot.

After making the choice, you must of course start to choose the keywords to exploit and link. Everything must be done very well, because it must appear as natural as possible.

Be careful, though: not only links, but also quotes. Although these may seem superfluous and not very useful, they actually have an SEO value that is certainly not irrelevant!

Article by Max Del Rosso, Link Builder Specialist



Web marketing, today, is absolutely one of the most effective strategies for giving value and visibility to a business. What is commonly called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , is nothing more than the set of these strategies that aim to position a website on top of the organic results of search engines like Google. Yet, as often happens, those who deal with marketing and SEO do not always choose to respect the rules, breaking some basic search engine rules . Those who decide to do things right, following Google’s guidelines, manage to position a portal on the Big G SERP by exploiting its algorithms in a positive way: and it is precisely in this case that we talk about White Hat SEO.

What is SEO White Hat?

The term White Hat was borrowed from a well-known way of saying on the web, which identifies two fringes of hackers : those who carry out this profession to defraud people and steal sensitive data to be sold to the best bidder, and those who instead force the server to highlight the leaks and to notify the owners. The latter are precisely called White Hat, and are naturally opposed to the Black Hat. For SEO it works in the exact same way: there are marketers who exploit the flaws of Google’s algorithms to get an economic return, and those who instead use algorithms without breaking any rules, and only to favor the positioning of websites that are congruous to user searches.

What is White Hat SEO for?

SEO White Hat does not have a mysterious or difficult purpose to understand: its goal, in fact, is the same as anyone involved in web marketing. That is, trying to study Google’s algorithms, satisfying the search engine robots in the best way and reaching the top positions within the SERP, in order to obtain visibility and therefore greater earning possibilities. All without forcing these algorithms , or exploiting them to go against Google’s rules, obviously set to guarantee users the highest quality of service. In this way, those who do White Hat SEO have an economic return and, at the same time, promote the growth of Google, precisely because it satisfies the needs of surfers. Just like an ethical hacker would.

What are White Hat SEO techniques?

First of all it is good to specify one thing: the White Hat SEO techniques are practically identical to those of Black Hat SEO . What makes the difference, therefore, is the measure of use of these techniques: it is not the tool that is good or bad, but the use that is made of it. And here the positioning of keywords within pages and articles is a White Hat practice, as long as it is done consistently and without falling into the Black Hat practice of Keyword Stuffing, that is, repeating them continuously and without a logical thread. But keywords are certainly not the only ones: even Link Building can be considered a White Hat SEO technique, unless you use the power of external links to simply spam and to deceive the search engines, when assigning the Domain Authority value.

The characteristics of SEO White Hat

Going into more detail, White Hat SEO differs from Black Hat SEO because of its ethics. In this sense, the purpose of web marketers is to take charge of a job and do it at its best , rewarding both the requests of companies and those of users. In other words, White Hat SEO is a link that allows these two actors to find themselves quickly and easily, through the tools provided by Google. White Hat, therefore, means first of all quality and only after quantity, but without ever giving up the first.

What is White Hat SEO? Some examples

A first example of White Hat SEO can be made by taking inspiration from the writing of an article: if a content is written with user satisfaction and information in mind, then it is White SEO. If instead it is written only for search engines , looking exclusively for the top positions on Google, then it will in all probability be devoid of real interest, therefore black hat. In both cases, keywords become a tool that can be used to generate lasting value for the company, or to obtain an ephemeral result in terms of positioning, without satisfying a target but only by hitting it unexpectedly.

How to do White Hat SEO?

Doing SEO means doing White Hat SEO: those who do not respect the rules not only violate Google’s terms , but cause enormous damage to the customer who has commissioned a job. Operating according to the rules, therefore, is equivalent to doing a white hat SEO, and also to get a job done by professionals, without resorting to dangerous shortcuts : the Black Hat SEO, in fact, causes a series of heavy reactions as a reaction by Google penalties (such as Penguin and Panda), which will push that site to the bottom of the SERP rankings in no time. Black Hat SEO, therefore, is not only dangerous but also useless.

White Hat SEO: synonymous with quality

We close with a necessary clarification: White Hat SEO must not only move according to Google’s rules, but must also have some intrinsic characteristics that denote its great quality. In this sense, writing in correct Italian and avoiding typos or grammatical mistakes means doing White Hat SEO, as well as avoiding copying articles already present on the web. And even in the case of branded content , the primary purpose must always remain that of user information: creating an article that is meaningless or trivial just to place an advertising link in the middle , is anything but White Hat SEO. Therefore remaining in the seed of Google rules, and favoring the qualitative aspect, you will always be rewarded by search engines.


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