Return to Midgar, the end of Shinra – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

Once we have the huge stuff in our possession we can move on to the main story . At this point in the story we recommend leveling up, collecting powerful materials and skills, and ultimately preparing for the final leg of the game where quite a few battles are concentrated. When we think we are ready we head back to the Forgotten City (via the Bone City to the north). Once there we take the path on the left to reach a cave where Bugenhagen awaits us . He will explain to us that we have to look for the White Matter and for this we need a special key: ” Key to the Elderly “.

Back to Midgar

We will find it in the deep sea, specifically in a cave found in the waters of the northern continent, in the lower area. Having it, we return to the blue glass chamber of the Forgotten City and, after some scenes, we will have to return to the Midgar area to face a powerful boss: our first Weapon.

Boss: Diamond Weapon

It will be a complicated battle but not impossible. Of course, we recommend having a level at least higher than 50 to be able to withstand its powerful attacks that will take away most of our lives. We cannot calculate the life it has because feeling does not affect it, but we would say about 30,000 or more, so we will have to gradually weaken it with the help of summons, limits and other attacks that we have up our sleeves.

Without a doubt, his most powerful attack is the one he executes when the count that appears at the top of the screen reaches zero: Diamond dust. This will take away enough life from all party members and will not silence, so we cannot use magic for a while unless we use an item to remedy it. After that attack what we must do is heal ourselves in order to continue standing to attack him until we defeat him. If by following these tips we can’t beat him, we can also cast the Slow and Haste spell on our team to make sure we have more turns in our favor.

Once we do, we must head with the ship to the Northern Crater and after a scene, back to Midgar . We will fall to the city by parachute and we will have to move through the sewers, where we will find objects, enemies and finally a storage point in which to rest before bumping into the Turks . We can decide whether to fight or not and in our case we choose to forgive them. Even so, if you want to face them you are in your right and it will not be too complicated, but we recommend using poison (Bio) and direct attacks, as well as limits and others.

When we finish the meeting we continue through the top of the tunnel and when we turn left we will find the boss of the area: a meka that Scarlet and Heidegger drive.

Bosses: Proud Beast

To defeat this great robot composed of various parts of armor we recommend using direct attacks, attack magic (other than fire, since the enemy attack is from this element) and limits whenever we can. In addition, it is recommended to have one of the characters healing us at all times to avoid falling into combat when the enemy launches a powerful attack.

When we succeed we must climb the stairs located at the top of the area to find a save point and various somewhat complex enemies. If we continue climbing we will see our friends and, shortly, Hojo to speak and fight him.

Boss: Hojo

Genoa cells will have arrived, so the battle will not be easy and will have various phases.

Phase 1: Hojo will be accompanied by two monsters that will attack us as well. At the moment their attacks are not lethal, so we can take advantage of using magic and summons that affect everyone and thus diminish the lives of the three at the same time.

Phase 2: In this second phase, our enemy will take a fairly large shape and with various points to attack that make up his body and his two arms. This time he has some quite powerful attacks that will end the life of one of the comrades and we are not attentive. For this reason, we recommend having one of the characters heal the others and revive the yes as necessary while the other two attack with maximum power.

Phase 3: in this phase he will become a kind of flying genius who will not have enormous attack power but will use magic that will put us to sleep and “Combination”, magic with which life will gradually absorb us. For this reason, we must use Wake up whenever we can or wear an accessory that prevents us from falling asleep, otherwise it will be almost impossible to win.


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