Chapter 12: Guide in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Chapter 12: Guide in Final Fantasy VII Remake.We tell you how to overcome Chapter 12: Up the resistance! from Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.After scaring us to death in Chapter 11 , the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake reaches one of its climaxes: Shinra is attacking the pillar that holds the Sector 7 plaque. If they succeed in carrying out their plan, they will crush the neighborhood. … and to all who are in it. Advance to the square and defeat the Nether Echo again , the combat is the same as the first time. At the end of the fight, move towards the objective.

Chapter 12 Guide in Final Fantasy VII Remake easy

Chapter 12: Guide in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

After the sequence, go to the pillar, rest on the bench, restock yourself and go up the stairs. You will have to advance only with Cloud , eliminating various types of Shinra soldiers and turrets . Answer “I promise” to the question they will ask you later. Ná, for continuing with our guide and such. It won’t take long for you to run into the Air Fighters, watch out for their Helix Slash, an attack they use when you try to get away from them . It is a very powerful blow, but you can take advantage of it to use the Offensive and the counterattack.

Keep going up, there will be a couple of items in chests and boxes, nothing especially important. Next, go after Wedge , then run towards the objective to the west. You will be forced to make a detour to reach the goal, but don’t worry, there is no time limit or anything like that.

Upon regaining control of Cloud, he runs upstairs. There are several routes at the beginning, but they all have enemies, in all of them you will have to avoid taking damage from shots, and in none of them there are objects, so … be careful that, when it seems that there is no way to continue, you can go over some boxes west , then up a ladder. You will have to stand up to defeat a group of elite Riot Gear, Air Fighters, and Elite Grenadiers before continuing. On the upper floor there will be more enemies , this time an elite fighter accompanied by turrets; to which will be added a pair of Airfighters.

If you go around this platform , you will find a chest with an elixir , and then you can climb through the rubble to the west. Rest on the bench that you will see after the next sequence, buy what you need and go up to the goal.

  • Boss:Reno and Rude .

There is nothing else you can do. It doesn’t matter what you try, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done before. What happens is completely unavoidable, so run to Tifa to see a sequence. This is where Chapter 13: The World in Ruins will begin .

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