Chapter 15: Twilight in Midgar Walkthrough 100% in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Chapter 15: Twilight in Midgar Walkthrough 100% in Final Fantasy VII Remake.We tell you how to overcome Chapter 15: The twilight in Midgar of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.The Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy VII Remake ended on a hopeful note. Our heroes, with unexpected help, have found a way through the rubble of Sector 7. The goal is clear: get to Shinra’s building, leave no head puppet and rescue Aeris. Go through the ruins .

After climbing the stairs, you should be attacked by Floating Tentaguards , a subspecies vulnerable to ice and wind. Go up another flight of stairs and in the towers, before climbing again, go to the tower next to it . On the circular platform you will find a chest with an omnipoción . Then go up the stairs to the first tower.

Chapter 15: Twilight in Midgar Walkthrough 100% in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

You will meet a pair of Sparklers . Do not forget that you have Barret in the team, his normal attack serves to take down flying enemies easily. Continue your ascent by the only possible path. Aim the hook pistol at the ledge in front of you and you will see that they indicate that you can hook yourself. It won’t take long for you to run into 3rd Class Soldiers , who you can easily defeat with Cloud’s Offensive stance and counterattacks. You will have to use the hook a bit later.

The thing ends with you facing a team of Shinra (Guard Dogs, Elite Sentinels and Airfighters) who obviously have to be shot down to continue. After a couple of tunnels and a short ladder, you will come to a bank and a shop where you can buy track 5. Lurking in the Darkness . Now, before climbing the ladder next to the store , you can go around it from the side. You will arrive in an area with an Elite Airfighter and two 3rd Soldiers . Get them out of the way to open a chest with 3,000 Guiles . Then yes, go up the stairs next to the bank and the store.

You will reach a floor with no exit in sight. You have to go to the north to see some ropes on the ground , which will activate the hook gun and allow you to continue climbing. There are a couple of mechs upstairs, Stun Cannons. More scrap for scrapping. There are more ropes pointing the way on the other side of this floor … and more robots above . After opening the chest with an Ultra Potion , head upstairs. Leave the building through the collapsed wall to the north and climb the remains of the road. You will be attacked by an Exterminating Cannon , a fairly strong robot … but a mecca: it is vulnerable to lightning .

When you go up the next ladder, go around the platform to find a chest with a turret and take another ladder up, always up, we will never abandon a friend. Come on, you read this singing the Dragon Ball song. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. When you reach the next level, start by going northwest . There will be some small ladders that lead you to a chest with an envelope of ammonia salts .

Keep going southeast … yes, to go up more stairs. The hell of the stairs. Stairs up and up. Haven’t you heard of escalators? In the end, you will be able to get on the highway and continue with the path to the south-southwest. After crossing the beam and defeating a couple of enemies, turn west from the ground ropes . You will see that you can hook yourself to the scaffolding to reach a chest with a wizard bracelet . Then continue east.

When you go a little further, you will see a sequence. You have to move between bursts, sprinting with L3 between covers . If he catches you between one box and another, he will shoot you back and you will receive damage (be careful with being short of life. You will not die here, but you can imagine what you have to do soon). Going down the stairs you will see two other Terminator Cannons . You will have seen that the only annoying thing about this enemy is that it repels you while it is in Vulnerable: shoot with Barret when that happens. After finishing them, go up the ladder to the northeast .

Eliminate a couple of enemies, jump the fallen beam, climb the stairs and get an antidote . Use the bank, buy what you need from the store and follow the path next to it. There is a chest with a panacea under the next stairs that you need to climb. After a couple of jumps with the hook gun and running away a bit, it’s boss .

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