Huge Matters – Final Fantasy VII, Complete Guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

After completing the extensive previous chapter and to continue with the main story , we must take a trip around the world aboard Strong Wind to find the 4 huge materials . In this guide we will explain exactly how and where to find the subjects. We start with North Corel .

Huge 1st Stuff: North Corel Reactor

We headed up to Corel and passed right to the north in the village area with shops to reach the reactor area (passing all the train tracks). Once there we will fight with two Shinra soldiers located next to the door and after that we will automatically get on a train to chase another, who flees loaded with matter.

The first thing we will have to do is operate the left and right levers consecutively in order to accelerate and reach the train. Once this is done we will jump on board and we will have to finish off the enemies of each wagon as quickly as possible, since the time counter will go down. When we get to the driver’s cabin we will have to stop the train, pressing all the buttons at the same time in order to brake. If we get it in time we will avoid colliding with North Corel and we will get the Huge Matter . In addition, a child will give us the “Ultima ” material.

Once this is done we can go to limit 4 of Barret , simply entering the upper house on the left of the town to speak with the lady and she will give us ” Catastrophe ” and then continue our search for huge materials.

2nd huge matter: Fuerte Condor

To continue with the mission we flew to Fort Condor and there we spoke with the commander who is on top to complete the minigame again , this time more complex. When we do, we go out the door to see the new condor and collect the “Phoenix ” material. After that, we went down to the ground floor to get the huge stuff at the hands of the old man sitting at the table.

Before going for the third matter we must return to Mideel to speak with Tifa, fight Arma to kick her out of the place (we must not win for now) and see a series of scenes with Cloud. After that, we will have the whole group again.

Huge 3rd matter: Junon

After all being together and controlling Cloud again we must return to Junon to access the underwater reactor. To get there we must pay the guard at the bottom to enter the elevator. Once at the top we go out through the door on the left and cross the entire area until we reach where the soldiers are parading. There we re-enter an elevator to eliminate various guards and go to another elevator.

Once there we cross the corridor underwater and press the button that we see in the room at the end. We continue until we find the boss of the area.

Boss: Armored Cargo Robot

To defeat this boss, we must first attack his arms so that he does not catch us, since in case of attacking him when he is holding one of our group, he or she will also be injured. Therefore, we concentrate the attack with magic (other than Slow and Stop, to which it is immune) and with summons and limits until we succeed.

When we finish we will see how Reno collects the huge matter and flees, so we will have to chase him by getting on the submarine. Before doing this, don’t forget to open the chests in the area to obtain “Trumpet” and “Scimitar ” as well as ” Leviathan Scales ” on the left side of the ladder that goes up to the submarine.

There we will participate in a new minigame in which we must attack the red submarine following the control indications and the sonar. When we do this we will surface and we will have to dive again to search for the Leader submarine (the red one) and recover the enormous matter from it. We can also look for a sunken plane that will contain useful objects and a material: Hades, although there will be many powerful ones in the area (such as the Turks and other great monsters), and also a chest with Cid limit 4: “Great Fort “.

Huge 4th matter

The fourth subject is in the city of the rocket, originally from Cid. When we get there we must approach the rocket area to face a boss.

Boss: rue and soldiers

It is best to finish off the soldiers first before facing the boss himself. It is not very complicated, but if things get complicated we recommend using Barrier on our team and setting physical attacks, some magic and limits on Ruda until we finish him.

When we get to the rocket cabin we will have to see some scenes and go up to the room in which to put the correct code. Cid will tell us numbers, but the most useful thing is for you to listen to us and press the following order (on Nintendo Switch): B, X, A, A. After that, we left the room to go to the rescue capsule and back to earth.

After the scene we will have to go to the Cosmo Canyon to talk to Grandpa at his observatory. Once there we can touch any huge stuff to get something useful in return. If you already have all the summons matters (something complicated at this point), touch the red one to obtain the Master matter . If not, by touching the blue and having Bahamut and its Neo version we will get Bahamut Zero. To complete the other subjects we can return here whenever we want. Be that as it may, we can now move on to the next chapter .


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