When respect is lacking, even love cannot be enough

They taught us that in the name of love everything can be done. That sacrifices are part of any relationship and that compromises are inevitable. But if coming to terms with your loved one is in some circumstances inevitable, and can be constructive, it does not justify in any way the lack of respect … which is something else entirely.

When the person you love humiliates you, abuses you, makes you feel inadequate, it is not true love. And even if you seem to live a crazy, passionate, unique and important love, when there is no respect, it is never worth it.

You have probably heard of love pains often, but don’t be fooled. The love disturbance arises from the fact that when we fall in love we completely let go, relying on an overwhelming feeling. Which is beautiful, wonderful, but which is also a little scary because of its extraordinary nature.

Nothing has to do, however, with the suffering inflicted by one partner on the other. This is not true love . The moments of crisis are normal , they are part of life, sometimes they even help to strengthen the couple, but they should not be confused with the lack of respect .

If you love your man madly but he continues to ignore you, not to listen to you, to want to change you, to humiliate you, and every day that you pass by him, you feel increasingly weak, fragile, intimidated, something does not work.

Probably, when he is not there, you feel an overwhelming lack of it, you probably seem to be unable to go on without him, and these sensations convince you to hold on, to continue the relationship despite the pain it causes, because they seem to you symptoms of true love. But if suffering is the master, together with the lack of respect, then more than love symptoms, they could be symptoms of an unhealthy emotional dependence .

Love does not demand changes, love feeds on mutual kindness , trust, respect, encouragement . When a man continually criticizes you , when he makes you feel inadequate, when he controls you too much, when he does not respect your choices, when he tries to shape you, when he completely ignores you, when he is never willing to meet you, let him go, even if now it seems impossible to you. You are in the first place .


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