What you call bad luck depends only on you

It will have happened to you at least once to ask yourself, why that person is so unlucky, or to feel yourself a victim of bad luck . Well, even if growing up they told us that luck and bad luck are only superstitions, know that science is not of the same opinion. And this could be a good start to change perspective!

Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, has shown that the luck exists but that depends on us . Our attitude is in fact able to bring us luck or on the contrary to make us unfortunate. According to the researcher, those who recreate situations that maximize their opportunities, those who are more tenacious and extroverted, tend to be even luckier because they have more opportunities to make their talents known and to know a wider range of people.

In this case we speak above all about luck in relation to professional success, but obviously luck and bad luck can concern any aspect of life, and here how do we put it? The juice remains the same, a matter of attitude and of a small, very powerful, secret: intuition.

Have you ever felt that a certain person or situation was not for you? So, before you even have deepened, before you even know something? To warn you was the intuition that, apparently, it is the secret of lucky people . At least 90% of those who consider themselves lucky listen constantly to him, unlike many of us who, despite the clear signs, ignore him.

If you often listen to intuition, you will probably have tested its effectiveness yourself , realizing how right he is despite the head’s opposition. It happens in work, in friendships, even in love. Intuition continues to send you signals of a certain type, you still do not listen to them, and after a while, punctually, you realize that you should have listened to him.

But bad luck is also a question of limits, what we put into our dreams. If you believe something is impossible for you, that something is far less likely to come true. Also because you will do nothing, taking it for granted that it is not within your reach, to fulfill it.

And then do not believe that lucky people are constantly, adversities, problems, big and small misfortunes come to everyone, but everyone faces them differently . And this is what makes the difference, at least in some circumstances: if you can turn a problem into an opportunity, if you use adversity to improve yourself or improve the environment around you, in the end even bad luck can become luck.


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