Moms and children: how to fight separation anxiety

For everyone, sooner or later, the time comes to get out of the nest . Our children, loved and pampered from the first moment, will have to face the world alone, even if accompanied in this difficult path that is life. And it is not uncommon for fears and worries to arise, and then: how to manage separation anxiety ?

Mom ‘s instinct pushes us to protect our child from every little adversity, but this is not how we help him to really grow. The little ones need a reference figure, which in most cases they find in their parents, and when the time comes to get away from them , small anxiety crises may appear . There are those who find themselves living this situation at a very young age, with the entrance to the nursery and the progressive separation from mom and dad. But it is not uncommon for children, after a long period at home, to feel fear of being estranged, even if they have previously been used to being away from their parents for many hours.

Separation anxiety can manifest itself with various physical symptoms , including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, sleep problems, but also with anxiety disorders and the appearance of unmotivated fears. The biggest change usually affects the character plane. Children who experience severe pain due to being estranged from their parents can vent their mood with anger crises, often directed precisely towards their reference figures, or with a sudden need for more attention – it happens when our child becomes “sticky” and wants to always have us by his side.

Managing separation anxiety may not be very simple, but it is important to adopt some small tips to reassure the little ones and allow them to open their wings , facing their own life independently. It is undoubtedly essential to foresee a gradual detachment, so that the child slowly learns to do without his mother. And let’s not forget the importance of the routine in the little ones: knowing what will happen during their day will alleviate their fears and decrease anxiety.

We must not hide from our child the changes that will come. He will be much more prepared to separate from us if we help him to accept the news slowly, starting to introduce it several days before, also remembering to always present it in a positive way: going to school , for example, will become the time to meet new friends. In any case, we will remain the reference point of our child: it is important to reassure him when he manifests his fears and not try to repress these feelings.

The moment of separation from one’s child is also a pain for the mother, yet it is a very important step in the growth of a child . Only by facing the outside world can we teach him to live, giving him the tools to fly and become a happy adult.


by Abdullah Sam
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